My issue is also related to a vinyl liner repair so I just added it here. I hope this is not a breach of etiquette. I just put the first patch on a tear in the side wall of my above ground pool. The liner was torn by the weight I had holding down the ladder. My sons playmates got a little carried away creating a whirlpool and the weight came loose. One of them tried lifting it and it slipped out of his grip and caught the liner on its way down, stretching the liner and tearing an L shaped 3" x 2" flap. The first patch seems to have covered the tear. I plan to put a larger patch over the existing patch as I have seen recommended here. My concern is that the liner has been stretched and there is some water being held behind it. The liner is loose in a good size area (~1.5-2.0 foot diameter) around where the patch is. Should I be concerned with this or just put the second patch on and be done with it? Thanks in advance for your assistance.