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Thread: Doughboy advice please?

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    Doughboy advice please?

    Hello everyone,
    I've been doing lots of reading, learning and window shopping for the past month. This forum has been a tremendous help to me. THANK YOU!
    I wanted to ask for input, opinions and advice on a 3 year old Doughboy Copper Canyon display model from a Doughboy dealer, with new pump, filter, hoses, ect for $3000. The store has it listed new at $6700. She sells strickly Doughboy pools.

    Here are the specs:
    52" Wall
    Wide 7" Uni-fit™ Top Rail System for an easy, efficient installation.
    Large, contemporary-styled 6" Vertical Supports eliminate top rail rocking, and offer a handsome design.
    Connector Skirting enhances stabilization of the top rail at the connector and offers additional vertical support.

    It is 3 years old, display ONLY, made of steel, in perfect condition. She would include a brand new pump (Speck 1.5 hp ), new sand filter (Aqua V brand ???), new hoses, all cleaning supplies such as brushes, and a new liner. It includes the hard bottom. There would not be a warranty on the pool itself but if we bought used from Craigslist we wouldn't have one anyway. The new parts would have warranties, such as the liner, pump, etc. I forgot to ask about a pool cleaner... I'll ask about throwing one in.
    She is asking $3000 plus install.
    She said we would want to change the gaskets which would be $38.00.

    Here are some questions:
    1. From what I've read this is a good pump. What are your thoughts?
    2. Any input on the sand filter?
    3. Would it be worth it to upgrade the liner?
    4. Would YOU do this?
    5. Are there other questions I should ask her? Things I haven't thought of?
    6. Is this is fair price?
    7. Would we better off getting a Sharkline/Matrix new for about the same price which would have a warranty? I've always loved Doughboy pools but I prefer resin... but for this price steel might be my first choice!!!
    8. Any ideas for installers in this area of Dallas/ East Texas? (She has installers - but seems expensive at $1800.)

    What are your thoughts - good and bad ??

    Thank you for any help you can offer.

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    Re: Doughboy advice please?

    Hi Mindy,

    Just wanted to chime in since we just got a new Doughboy pool. We purchased a new one and its really solid. I think as long as they warranty the install (make sure they are able to move the pool and set it up without any issues\missing parts) than you are good. The liner is the only area I would be concerned with. If you are getting a new one that shouldn't be a problem. We have a Doughboy 2hp pump and it does a great job. The sandfilter works really well and back washing and maintenance isn't really that hard. Our install was $3500 for a 21 x 41 Oval. After watching them put it up its well worth the money and the price was a steal. There is a lot of leveling and concrete work depending if you opt for an optional deep end. I would be more comfortable going with a dealer than off craigslist for something like that. If you can get an automatic pool cleaner, its well worth the money. We bought a Dolphin M5 and its worth the money. There is still manual work to be done but that little guy does a lot. There's a lot involved and the FAQ on this site will help you understand everything a pool owner needs to know. It stopped me from becoming overwhelmed.

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    Re: Doughboy advice please?

    If it has never been sold Doughboy should still warrant it. It is not the Pool stores call whether its warranted or not. Call Doughboy and ask. I know the warranty is not transferable but I bet they honor it. I had an 18' round a few years back and am in the process of securing an 18x34 Autumn Breeze now. You will love it. My old 18' was steel and other than burning your hands or backside, I love it.
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    Re: Doughboy advice please?

    Thank you for your input and ideas. I will call Doughboy tomorrow and ask about the warranty. If I understood the store owner she said Doughboy asked her to put up the display so HOPEFULLY that is the case and we can get some type of warranty. DH and I just spent the past 2 hours adding up costs of other pools and unless people strongly suggest otherwise we feel this is a good deal.... OHhh... but I like resin. Decisions! Decisions!
    Any other ideas are appreciated.

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