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Thread: Intex Pool: Best Material For Base (Sand/Dirt/Foam/Block)

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    Intex Pool: Best Material For Base (Sand/Dirt/Foam/Block)

    We are building round retaining walls into the hill in our backyard for an Intex pool. We were going to install a permanent pool, so my landscape contractor (my wife's uncle) was going to put down 3-inches of sand on top of 6-inches of compacted gravel. Now that we are moving to the Intex, I'm thinking we should change the top layer material from sand to dirt or something else. I have not read much here but enough that installing on top of foam sounded interesting.

    What should we use for the top layer, just under the pool?
    If we go sand, should I install concrete patio blocks to support each vertical pool support?

    Advise please. I will post some more recent photos of our progress with the walls shortly.

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    Re: Intex Pool: Best Material For Base (Sand/Dirt/Foam/Block


    Welcome to TFP

    Check out my thread:

    I have pictures of what we are using for a base, it is called screenings, most quarries have it for cheap, there are some close up pictures of it, very small stone, with lots and lots of basically dust.

    When this stuff gets wet and is packed it sets up pretty much like concrete, it will wash out like sand in a hard rain unless you have it enclosed like you are doing.

    We are going to put foam on top of this stuff, and the cut the foam and dig out enough of the screenings to place and level 4" thick 8"x 16" concrete pavers for the support legs to rest on.

    if you go this route you should have very little if any settling, between the base rock, and the screenings you will have great drainage, and solid support for the pool weight.

    Hope this helps & looking forward to following your project, & of course More Pictures.

    In the process of building for a 22' Intex Ultra Frame, (completion date up in the air at this point).
    We could not beat our backyard into submission so we "Buried It".

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    Re: Intex Pool: Best Material For Base (Sand/Dirt/Foam/Block

    Samantha, after seeing the date on your post - I'm assuming last summer (2012) was the first for you with your 22' intex pool. As I try to decide how to install mine, I'm wondering how using the screenings held up for you? You put tarps down (but did not use the foam board insulation stuff), right? Did you experience any holes when putting your pool up for the 2013 season? I have watched a few YouTube videos of someone who did use sand underneath his pool, and while it was Ok the first season, when going to put it up for the 2nd, he had over SIXTY pinholes in the liner, caused by the sand. So, I would assume the screenings work out better than that? Although the fact that they harden when wet almost like concrete does scare me a little.
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