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Thread: LOL

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    Re: LOL

    Now I know not to trust the Wiki Answers page!
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    Re: LOL

    The truly disturbing part is that the first answer CITES RICHARD (chem geek), arguably one of the most respected posters on this forum. Obviously, the answer cites him incorrectly (which is to say, it says he's saying something he isn't), but most readers will never realize that.
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    Re: LOL

    MY GOD! My stomach is going to boil if i drink my pool water....LOL
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    Re: LOL

    Wow! That entire thing looks like it's slapped together from a bunch of unrelated wikipedia articles. Phytotoxicity?
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    Re: LOL

    I love the list of related questions underneath it - all with the answer of "yes" instead!!
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    Re: LOL

    Yeah, they refer to a post I wrote that was about never mixing acid directly with chlorine. It had nothing to do with the safety of bleach in swimming pools.
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    Re: LOL

    I tried to edit the answer and I couldn't. I looked up in the help menu and apparently the answer is considered a "reference topic" and cannot be edited, but you can suggest that it needs improvement. I did so.
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    Re: LOL

    It's things like this, and this ... mming_pool that make me stay in my own little world...

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    Re: LOL

    I recently had a pool party and several people commented how good the water appeared and felt. Several said this was the first pool they had been in that didn't irritate their eyes. Funny, considering that I use bleach as my chlorine source although keeping the water balanced with regard to pH and TA in particular also helps.
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    Re: LOL

    LOL is right. Kind of scary too.

    My wife's friend at work has a small pool business and he installed a pool liner for me. His son was there with him also. While alone with his son, I asked if he'd ever used bleach as the chlorine source. He said- no, bleach is too strong don't use that. I said- oh yeah(I resisted)...and slowly walked away.

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