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Thread: 19 days of fighting algae

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    19 days of fighting algae

    Starting with a green swamp complete with toads and tadpoles I have finally come to clear water and the following readings (I use TFP test kit) as of this morning:

    FC 19
    CC 0.5
    TA 100
    CYA 35
    PH 7.8
    CH 130

    My OCLT however, did not pass. It dropped by 2 .

    I changed out the filters yesterday afternoon, but I have not added salt or activated my SWG. I wanted to wait until I was able to pass all the tests.

    My problem is that I only have one more day to devote to this before I must go out of town for 2-3 days.....I may be able to get a neighbor to add a 182 oz jug of chlorine every morning or evening while I'm gone, but that's the extent of it. Since that's the case, should I add more CYA to a sock or wait until I get back?

    Should I activate my SWG?

    I also am noticing that both my drains seem to be partially obstructed. I tried with a wire brush and a regular brush to clear them to no avail. I will have to get into the pool after the shocking is complete and manually get out whatever is stuck. There is flow from the drains, but not as much as there probably should be.

    If there is anything else that I can do in the next day and a half, please let me know. I would hate to come back to another algae infested pool....


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    Re: 19 days of fighting algae

    I may be able to get a neighbor to add a 182 oz jug of chlorine every morning or evening while I'm gone,
    That's the answer. That'll keep your FC up pretty high and perhaps even get rid of what few remaining organics you have.

    I would not start the SWG as it will require some close monitoring for a day or two. I would not add more CYA....wait until you are ready to start the SWG and then bring it up to around 60-70ppm
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    Re: 19 days of fighting algae

    Yep, what Dave said, and if you have to choose between morning or evening bleach addition by your neighbor, choose the evening.
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