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Thread: Rock dropped into pipe hole in skimmer.

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    Rock dropped into pipe hole in skimmer.

    My first post, so please be patient with me. I am 100% disabled and have COPD among my many ailments, therefore my sweet wife has to maintain the pool (which she has done for many years). Tonight she comes in and tells me she was taking the skimmer basket out and the rock she uses as a "weight" in the bottom of the skimmer fell out and into one of the pipes.

    After a spirited discussion as to rock size in a skimmer she agreed the rock was too small (the size of a man's thumb). After dropping this rock she immediately turned the pool pump off.

    This is a gunnite pool, in the ground. Two holes in the bottom. The rock can be seen in the hole closest to the pool. Suggestions as to how I can remove this rock?
    1. Use a wet/dry Vac to see if I can suck it out?
    2. Use a gas powered trash pump to suck the rock out?
    3. Use the gas powered pump to try to push the rock out?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    BTW, the rear pipe (furtherest away from the pool water) seems to be blocked by PVC pipe.

    I also considered draining a couple of feet of water then putting epoxy on the end of a stick and trying to get a hold it.k

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.....Dave

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    Re: Rock dropped into pipe hole in skimmer.

    So you think only one of the holes is actually plumbed and it goes to the equipment pad? Do you have a separate pipe at the pad for the floor drain?

    How small and round is the rock? If much smaller than the pipe id it may be easily sucked into the pump basket if it will not get stuck in the corner.

    How are you able to see it? How far down? Maybe you could try a pole with bubble gum as long as that would not wedge it further.

    You could try a drain king pushing water using a hose from the pad back toward the skimmer.

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    Re: Rock dropped into pipe hole in skimmer.

    If you can see it, you might want to go to an auto store or hardware store and get a claw. They're extremely handy to have on hand for a lot of different stuff. They come in different lengths and different claw sizes, make sure you get a claw big enough to go around the rock.

    They run from around 6 bucks, up to thousands of dollars that come complete with video camera and articulating arms. Good for when you drop a screw into that million dollar jet engine you're working on!

    They look like this.

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    Re: Rock dropped into pipe hole in skimmer.

    ...and welcome to TFP! We're a friendly bunch. Just jump right in. Nobody bites here!

    Well 'cept butterfly, but you won't even feel a butterfly bite.

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    My $100 pool finally died after 6 years.
    Totally got our monies worth!
    Butterfly made me do it...

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    Re: Rock dropped into pipe hole in skimmer.

    I'd try the Shop Vac, even before the claw or anything that could push it further.
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    Re: Rock dropped into pipe hole in skimmer.

    I posted and it did not "take" I guess. I am signed in. The rock fell in the side with no vacuum....when I can breathe better I will check it out, but right now the pool is running fine. Evidently the front hole is ..... for something else. It has a round brass plate under it a couple of feet, the rock might be there. Thanks for the help,
    6 grand kids will be in the pool for Father's Day, so having it running is a big plus.

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    Re: Rock dropped into pipe hole in skimmer.

    Isn't there a basket in the pump before the impeller? If it is smaller than the pipe, why not let the pump suck it up? I am not familiar with in ground pools, just above ground so forgive me for being a bit naive. I like the wet/dry vac idea. Use a powerful one too.
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