I'm on my second algal bloom this year due to my crazily expensive Palintest kits running out of reagents. They don't sell refills, you have to buy the whole kits again at around 142$. I had to ask for a pro-forma invoice which was then (after 2 weeks and a reminder email from myself) emailed to me. Delivery will be around 2 weeks.
Please please please can someone start supplying ANYONE in Europe with either the Taylor K2006 or the TF kit. I know about Horner express or whatever they are called in Barcelona but they require me to send a fax to Florida for approval before they will even talk to me. Surely someone can get in touch with Amazon UK and start supplying test kits in bulk.
Excuse the rant but the BBB method should be marked as "Not suitable for Europe"
OK, I'm calm now.