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Thread: Just got a pool, need advice dealer left me afloat!

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    Just got a pool, need advice dealer left me afloat!

    Well its been a stressful couple of weeks! Everything has gone wrong.

    I need some advice since the dealer has been less than great and I feel like I'm at this by myself. Here's the story. Purchased the pool in March for a May install. During May we were told it would be in the second week. The second week came and went.

    Finally get a call one day at work and they showed up to dig. They said it would take 3 to 4 days to get everything going. That was two weeks ago! It's a large 21 x 44 above ground pool and only a couple guys working. They worked their but off and had it up in about 5 days.

    We started filling the pool this last Monday. Got the liner stretched and filled after two days. I asked about chemicals and they never gave me an answer. I think you need to get some in there right away? Well finally heard back from the guy doing the skimmers and pump. He got both skimmers installed. Then noticed there were two. The pool is large so bought an additional skimmer. However when he comes to hook the other one up he says theres additional costs to hook the second one up because those parts were not included on the invoice.

    How were we to know that the invoice shows 2 skimmers but left off a couple parts. The pool was over $15K so you think it would. Is this out of line to charge extra now? I think it is especially if it was an oversight.

    Currently we don't have a pump running and I'm worried about the water. The dealer says they have to have the water circulating for a day before we start to open it officially. Its like pulling teeth to get these final steps complete all while the water just sits. Again is that ok\normal? To top it off.

    Last night we found a little water by one of the walls seeming out into the ground. It appears the new liner has a small hole or tear near a seam. So they will have to patch that. ugh. I'm so frustrated!

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    Re: Just got a pool, need advice dealer left me afloat!

    OK, welcome to the forum. Now take a deep breath. Ok, how much was the additional? Is it worth fighting over? Just get the pool done. Order a test kit from this site and test the water. Post results here for help. This will work out and in two weeks you will be loving the pool.
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    Re: Just got a pool, need advice dealer left me afloat!

    Thanks! Your right it probably isn't worth fighting over. I did talked to the dealer this morning and we may need to get a new liner from the factory. fun times! They are going to get the filter and pump running asap. Just talked to the right person!

    The leak is small so we should be good to go with a patch for a while.

    I'm going to spend some time reading over all the new owner FAQs. Thank you for this site because it really answers a lot of the questions I have and eases the frustration of not knowing what to do!

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    Re: Just got a pool, need advice dealer left me afloat!

    If its a new liner and they installed it, I would demand a new liner and partial payment for the fill water (if you pay for your water). If it already has a hole, maybe the liner itself is not good and more holes will develop.

    I realize you want to be done with the project and get swimming, but I'm afraid this could be the tip of an iceberg, or maybe not. Knowing what I know now (thanks to this forum) I would have been a better advocate for myself and insist on perfect equipment from the start. It has cost us a lot of headache and money to not have what we were sold.

    Maybe others have a thought on patching, but it'd be a no deal for me if it were my pool. Especially if you know it is from install and not use.
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