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Thread: First year using the TFP method!

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    First year using the TFP method!

    I found this sight late in the season last year (unfortunately ), but made the decision to go with the methods outlined here for this pool season. I wished I'd taken a picture of the "before" pool -- let's just say we had a family of ducks living on the cover, which didn't come off too well.

    I started the process last week, after skimming through Pool School, and went through a heckuva lot of chlorine, baking soda, acid, etc., in just a few days...I then realized I needed to re-read Pool School and WOW!! What a huge difference!! In a matter of days, I have a pool that's almost ready to swim in. There's something on the bottom that the brush just isn't moving, so it looks like I might have to get wet to finish the job. Wish I had a wet suit!! Anyway, thanks so much to all who post here -- seasoned pros and noobs alike -- all of your experiences have sold me on what you preach!! The wife just shakes her head, but we're not spending $$$ at the pool store and it looks better than it has in years!
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    Re: First year using the TFP method!

    This site has a wealth of information and has made my pooling owning experience, which is only a few months, the best it can be. The people here are so friendly and helpful. The only things I have had to do was add stabalizer and bleach. And one pool store wanted to sell me a laundry list of their products. Thank goodness I found this site ! My husband is amazed at how clean and sparkly our pool is with little maintenance.

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    Re: First year using the TFP method!

    Here are before and afters two weeks since we opened. The duck pic is for reference -- most of the gunk you can see fell into the pool making for a nasty mess. My idea of closing was to dump in some shock and slap a cover on. I don't have decent test numbers, but my kit should be here in a day or two so I can provide them. Until then, we're following the shock procedure just to make sure. What you can't see in the after pic are the stains, which I think are iron. The vitamin C test seemed to make them better, but it was hard to tell under 4 feet of water. I'm going to wait until the test kit arrives before I treat. Not too bad for a 20+ year old pool and a 12 yr. old liner!!

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    Re: First year using the TFP method!

    Here's my "Before and After":

    • Before BBB:
    * Chemicals: Trichlor pucks, Dichlor “shock”, Potassium Monopersulfate “shock”, CalHypo “shock”, Algaecide, Clarifier, Phosphate Remover, Muriatic Acid, Baking Soda
    * Pump run time: 10-12 hours /day to get acceptably clear water.
    * Shocked weekly using two to three 16 oz. packs of "shock" per dose because “That’s the conventional wisdom."
    * Partial drain & refill 1 – 2 times per year.

    • BBB:
    * Chemicals: Liquid Bleach, Muriatic Acid, Baking Soda
    * Pump run time: 4-5 hours / day. Water is crystal clear. I can tell screws holding drain cover in place 10 feet below the surface are Phillips head. Pool looks “empty” on calm days.
    * Haven’t shocked yet.
    * Haven’t needed to do a partial drain & refill
    * The best part...A much better understanding of what's going in my pool & it's effect on the water.

    With the drought we've had in Texas, a lot of water could be conveniently saved by following BBB which would eliminate a great deal of unnecessary partial/total drain & refills. That's the primary reason I joined this get the word out that there is a better way to maintain a pool that's Trouble Free and more environmentally friendly!
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    Re: First year using the TFP method!

    PS - keep those ducks outta there.
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    Re: First year using the TFP method!

    LOL!! There was a duck family living in the puddles around the neighborhood and I think they vacationed in our pool. We'll be closing it better this year and shouldn't see the issue with our cover sinking quite so deep. It would have made for a great science project!!
    24' round AG, 15.2k gal, DE, Filter size: 'bout 3 ft. ;)
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    Re: First year using the TFP method!

    Awesome job. Love those pictures.
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