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Thread: Pool Builder in Nashville Vicinity

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    Pool Builder in Nashville Vicinity

    I am currently looking to build an inground pool. I have talked with my home contractor and he assures me that vinyl is the way to go. It is frustrating, because I see people build quotes for gunite pools just a little higher than our first estimate for a vinyl pool. I talked with 2 gunite companies in the Nashville area and the first one said they typically do not work with people unless they are spending $75k, the other said they have not done one under $60k. My budget is $30ish. If it is vinyl, I would prefer to stay under that amount, however I see some really nice gunite pool specs on here for under $40k with lots of bells and whistles. Those tend to be in either Tx or Ca. So I am guessing it is a supply and demand. But if anyone has built a gunite pool in my area, I would love to know how it came out and the price. Thanks
    TN/KY area and looking to build a IG vinyl pool by summer of 2013. Starting the bid and planning stage.

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    Re: Pool Builder in Nashville Vicinity

    We live in Franklin, TN and just built our first pool this past winter. We interviewed several builders but ended up going with Steve Hood from Crystal Clear Pools. Since his dad was a builder down in Texas, he learned the business at an early age. I have no complaints with Steve. He never advertises but constantly stays busy so that says a lot. We ended up building a 23,000 gunite with a spa so it wasn't cheap. The size of the pool greatly determines the price so depends on what you want. I can tell you that I spent a good bit more than 40K though. I think the spa alone was 10K. It was worth it though...don't regret it one bit. Now, if I could just figure out how to keep these chemistry levels balanced, I'd be doing good! Let me know if you have any more questions.
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    Re: Pool Builder in Nashville Vicinity

    Thanks for the info. I believe he is the one I talked with who said they have not seen any in a while that was under 60k. I guess it is a matter of supply and demand. Not a whole lot do the gunite pools in the area. My builders vinyl pool would fool most that it is vinyl (compared to some that I have seen). So hopefully he will lead me in the right direction. He trust his pool contractor and is creative enough to get me a pool like his in my price range.
    TN/KY area and looking to build a IG vinyl pool by summer of 2013. Starting the bid and planning stage.

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    Re: Pool Builder in Nashville Vicinity

    We live just south of Nashville and built our pool this past winter. We received one quote from a Nashville based company, Premiere Pools that was reasonable but firmly in the mid $40k range for a gunite, chlorine puck, sand filtered pool. Our desired upgrades would've required putting the project off for another year. My wife's parents live in Brentwood near Ravenwood High and they have a neighbor that had a pool installed by this outfit. The homeowners spoke well of the company but of course they had a Brentwood budget.

    Ultimately we went with Hunt Pools out of M'boro. Our 36' vinyl pool came in at mid 30's before we started adding upgrades like extra concrete, deck jets, gas heater, cartridge filter, LED light, etc. His basic package would probably satisfy 90% of people who aren't familiar with some of the upgrade possibilities commonly available in places like Florida & southern California, where every other house seems to have a pool. They were also very good at understanding the asthetic look we were going for and staying consistent with that. It didn't hurt that their upgrades were competitively priced. IMO, he didn't make much at all on most of the upgrades and was content with the profit built into the baseline cost of the pool.

    I'm not sure how much success you'll have finding a vinly pool under $30K. My neighbors built their pool in 2006 from the same builder we used and their '06 price was about $33K. They got the builders basic 32' kidney, sand filter, chlorine puck system as they hadn't made the transition to swcg yet. Prices have basically been flat. The other thing to note is that we signed our contract Thanksgiving weekend, i.e. the offseason. I don't know what kind of deal you'll get trying to build a pool when business is at it's peak. You might try doing a TFP search as I've come across at least 2 more people from the Nashville area on TFP. One from Lebanon and another from Smryna or Mt Juliet I believe.

    Good luck and let us know who you pick.

    I've got a build thread in the Under Construction forum. Search "Nashville Suburbs"
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    Re: Pool Builder in Nashville Vicinity

    I live in Mt. Juliet and have built two pools- both 20x40 vinyl. I bought both online for around $6,000 and then had someone install for about the same. I contracted out each part. I have lots of concrete- Two LED lights (almost $1,000 ea if I remember right), and salt water, with an Auto-Pilot. I have less than $20,000 in each one. I have lots of concrete decking as well. My first pool I had guys from Watson's put it in on the side. The second one I found through the backhoe guys that dig many of the pools around here. Not as happy with the second pool, but still very nice. It can be done far less than your quotes.
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    Re: Pool Builder in Nashville Vicinity

    I Live in lebanon, and built 42 by 22 sport pool, this winter. pm me and I will tell you a few things and who built my pool.
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