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Thread: Just getting started

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    Just getting started

    I just got my 18' / 52" AG/vinyl filled with water last thursday. I added the stabilizer to the pool per the opening kit instructions. Then I added a gallon of 12% shock over the course of the next 24 hours, along with PH increase a little at a time, using the sample test strips that came with the pool as a guide. Then after reading more here, I added another gallon of 6% bleach on Sunday while I waited for the Taylor 2600 to arrive. The strips showed that my chlorine was 15-20/ PH in the ballpark and TA coming into range.

    I have a chlorinator that uses tri-chlor tabs that I've had running on max (came with the pool, might as well use it up). I've run the filter for ~4 hours a day. There hasn't been much sun as it's been raining since Friday, so I suspect the chlorine has been at or above shock level for several days.

    Kit came in today, #'s:
    FC: 10
    CC: .5
    PH 7.8 (read indoors after dark, can't be positive)
    80 TA
    20 CH
    30 CYA

    The water is crystal clear. I'm guessing based on pool school that I need to check with an overnight FC loss and them I'm basically good to go?

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    Re: Just getting started

    Your numbers look good. FC is high, but will come down on it's own. You will need to lower PH at some point, but no issue at the moment.

    The only issue is if you have a plaster of fiberglass pool, then you will need to raise CH. With a vinyl liner CH is fine where it is.

    Longer term, I would raise CYA a little. CYA will tend to drift down over the season, and you want it at least 30 at the end of the season, so best if it is 40 to 50 right now.
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    Re: Just getting started

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I've got a vinyl liner so I won't worry about the calcium. I'm hoping that the trichlor tabs will raise the CYA while I use them up, and I think those also lower the PH? Hopefully that will slide everything into place.

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    Re: Just getting started

    And he's off to a good start!

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