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Thread: New Pool Owner...

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    New Pool Owner...

    I recently moved into a house with a pool - as a first time pool owner, I feel I've got the hang of everything decently well...enough that my pool doesn't turn green. I just have a couple of questions pertaining to my pool if you would indulge me. First, the skimmer face is 6.5", but there is no weir. When you open up the skimmer cover, there is only 1 pipe that goes to the filter that comes up a couple of inches; i.e. there is no skimmer body or basket. Do I need to buy a whole skimmer that would fit in there? If so, what are the chances of finding something that would fit right in there, since it's a custom skimmer? Would I be OK just getting a replacement weir and skimmer basket? The universal weirs that I found have either 6" or 7" faces. Would I just trim it to fit? Since the skimmer pipe protrude up from the ground, I don't have anything for the skimmer basket to sit on. Can I just make something out of PVC that would hold it?

    I replaced the cartridges when we moved in, because the old ones were shot. I clean them before the pressure gets too high, but I've noticed from time to time, it appears as if everything gets picked up from the bottom when I vacuum, but a few hours to a day later, it looks as a majority was just spit back out. Would this be something with the filter or are these particles too small to be held by the filter? Would you suggest clarifier to bind everything together if this is the case?

    Lastly, and this should hopefully be simple. How many gallons of water does one 3" tri-chlor tablet chlorinate? My pool goes from 4' to 12' deep and is ~35'x12', but is a custom shape, so I'm not positive on the gallon measurement, but I would estimate at least 35,000 gallons. My floating skimmer can barely hold 6 tablets. Would I need to get a second floater or is there something else I can do?

    Thanks for any help, I appreciate it
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    Re: New Pool Owner...

    Welcome to TFP.

    Can you post a pic of the skimmer both front and top?

    Can you post the make and model of the filter?
    How about the rest of the equipment?

    You should seriously consider switching from the pucks and getting a good test kit.
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