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Thread: Very very slight leaking on return side connections

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    Very very slight leaking on return side connections

    I've posted before and my pool relationship has been more hate than love. After getting holes in
    the sidewalls repaired, we got a new liner installed, new pump, new filter. Pentair recommends
    using a thread sealant on filter connections. I used a brush on pipe dope (for plastics) for the male
    insert that threads into the filter. On the return jet side, I installed a ball valve at the return jet.
    I used the same process with pipe dope. This morning (after firing up the pool overnight for
    the first time in 2 years), I noticed very very small drips of water on the return side--male insert
    into filter and valve into return jet. The connection I have that runs from filter to return jet is the
    standard hose you can get at a pool store (I wanted to make this easy and not over engineer
    connections yet..being a engineer the wife is famous for complaining of me over engineering) and
    hold on with clamps.

    Is it better to take them out and use regular teflon tape instead? Use pink teflon tape? Silcone the
    outside? I'm trying not to over think it but it seems even basic plumbing is not in my genes.

    Would appreciate any help/suggestions!!

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    Re: Very very slight leaking on return side connections

    disconnect and use more pipe dope or, if it's not very tight, try turning another quarter turn or so. Pipe dope is generally the best.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Very very slight leaking on return side connections

    Getting it right is the best idea, but everyone should haver a roll of this stuff around the house (and in the car): ... 05_s00_i00

    It's called silicon rescue tape and it will seal anything! I developed a leak at one of the joints last year during the season and didn't want to take it apart during the swim season to fix it so I wrapped this around it and sealed it tight. Been a year now and it is still air tight and I've never bothered to replace the joint. They say you can wrap it around a hot, broken radiator hose or a leaking copper water pipe and it will seal right up - Awesome stuff!
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