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Thread: Help! Metals in my pool

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    Help! Metals in my pool

    I have an intex above ground 18x52 pool. I have upgraded to the 2500gph pump from intex. Our well is on the older side, so we had our water delivered by a local fire department. $275. As they were filling it, I could tell it was very dirty water. After they left I added shock, and low and behold it turned and ugly nasty green color. I took a sample to the pool store, and they said I had to get some metal magic, and some ph down. after adding, when i changed the filter, the filter itself and the water inside the housing was ORANGE! So I was like yay, this is working. Couple days later, still no real big change, so I took another sample to the pool store, everything was fine, just needed more metal magic. Added that bottle early in the morning. Later in the afternoon I added some hth concentrated clarifier. Hours later, I checked and the clarifier had seemed to work. it was clear, and you could see all the metal at the bottom of the pool. So excited. I cleaned the filter and hooked up my vacuum. I did it very slowly as no not disturb it very much. Once I was done though, it was pretty, but just a little cloudy, so I thought I could add more clarifier, and it would do the same thing it did the last time. Well it didn't. The pool turned green again. So, again, I took another sample and they said again, everything was fine, just need more metal magic. I told the lady what I had done, and how it seemed to work last time. So she said to follow the same routine, and then just shock it. Well I did just that, except for the shock, and it didn't do anything. the filter and housing are orange, so i cleaned them. you can even see how it has stained the inside of my hoses! I am afraid to add the shock, because of what happened last time. I know that metals have been removed, I can see that, but just am so worried that there is still a lot in there, and would react with the chlorine. Please help!!! I am so frustrated.

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    Re: Help! Metals in my pool

    Welcome to TFP.

    There are two ways to go about it.
    1) Raise the FC to shock level and see if more metals will precipitate out and be caught by the filter. If that works you'll be better off.
    2) Add more sequestrant and keep adding maintenance doses from now on and maintain the pool normally otherwise.

    I would go for number 1 and then try number 2 if that didn't precipitate it all out.

    You could also try a "slime bag" polishing filter to remove as much of the precipitate as possible.

    There's no gaurantee that anything except regular doses of sequestrant will work. The other things are just things you can try if you want to, to see if they work.
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    Re: Help! Metals in my pool

    There was a poster that shared about using a sock attached over the return to catch very fine particles when vacuuming. I tried it and it works great. If it can catch that very fine dust it may be able to catch the metal staining particles.
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    Re: Help! Metals in my pool

    I'm fighting metals myself, only high copper from the municiple water supply. One thing to keep in mind about local Fire Departments, Their trucks sit loaded ready to go fight fires, & experience from being on the fire dept myself, those tanks if they are steel, accumulate alot of rust from just sitting around.
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    Re: Help! Metals in my pool

    first of all you are at the right place! I had the same problem that you are dealing with..... First of all the pool store is just going to get you to by there chemicals everytime you go in, buy yourself a test kit and save some heart ache. I spent about 6hrs lurking around here and found a wealth of information.
    Day 1 fill pool, shock then water turns brown!
    Day 2 pool store= 100.00 and does nothing.
    Day 3 read alot on TFP.....Go to walmart and buy 1 pack of crew socks= 5.00 put them over the inlet/suction side and change out ever hr or so. Within 6 hrs of cycleing through the socks the water was 100% better....
    Day 4 Installed intex 2650 sand filter and vacumed the floor, water still has a tinge green. Added 1pound of shock and a sock full of stabilizer. Water did not turn brown but would not clear up. Tested the water had high PH 8+......... Added 1/2 gallon of Muratic Acid.
    Day 5 Water clear as a bell and all my levels are within reason....

    BTW this is an Intex 22' pool..... It really just took some good reading on this site and now my wife will finally let the kids get in the pool.........

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    Re: Help! Metals in my pool

    Thanks everyone for the ideas! I used the sock idea, and it does work great! It really amazes me how much the filter does not do its job. I shocked it yesterday at around 3 in the afternoon. I also bought some test strips. These are my results as of this morning..

    Total chlorine 10
    free chlorine 3/6
    ph 6.8 ( i know this is low, last week the pool store had me add ph down. Does putting in the metal magic and clarifier affect this?)
    alk 120
    hardness between 0 and 100 ( hard to read the color)
    cyanuric acid ( the color on my strip wasn't even among the choices)

    I have read that everyone recommends a certain type of test strip. But I am running out of money for this pool. $275 for water and another $100 so far on chemicals. I just upgraded the pump last year and spent $200, but the more I'm reading, I really want a sand filter now!

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    Re: Help! Metals in my pool

    The best test kit (drop based, not strips) will more than pay for it's self by telling you exactly where your water is and allowing you to do exactly the right thing, instead of wasting chemicals. For example, you really need to know what your CYA level is and you current test strip is obviously not doing it's job.

    Sequestrants will lower the PH just a little.

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