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Thread: Moving an AGP

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    Moving an AGP

    Hi all, new to the forum! My name is Matt, im from Washington, PA. Been browsing for a little while but have some questions regarding moving an agp.

    Here goes...

    My mom has a circa 1998 (I believe) Johnny Weissmuller 18' x 33' oval that she does not want anymore. The liner was poked thru about 4 years ago so it has been sitting empty for a while. The pool is all aluminum, the walls are aluminum slats that join together.

    She is giving me the pool for free so its hard to pass up, im just wondering what kind of mess im going to get myself into. (never installed a pool before)

    The site I want to put it up at has had a pool on it before. The sand is all still there and the old pool has been completely removed.The old pool that was there is a little smaller than the one I want to put there so there may be a tad bit of grading to do, not much tho. I realize new sand will have to be brought in once the pool is up.

    A few questions I have are...

    1. What type of blocks do I need to set down to level up the posts? I have access to a transit level so leveling shouldnt be an issue.

    2. Since the pool is oval, I know there are straps underneath for sidewall support. How difficult will it be to dig these up from the old location and reinstall?

    3. How many inches of sand will I need to put down before the liner goes in? And should I have the sand dumped inside before putting the walls up?

    4. The big question, Is it worth it for me to do all this work tearing down and rebuilding or should I just buy a new pool? I dont want to end up getting myself into a huge mess that isnt worth it and would have cost me just as much money to go buy a new pool.

    Thanks all! Any additional input is greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Moving an AGP

    Your biggest concern, above all the others you mentioned, is that the liner simply isn't going to be usable at this point. Since it's been drained for 4+ years, and is 14 years old, there's little to no chance that it will stretch enough to allow filling of the pool.

    Before spending any more time and money on the project, you would, imo, be well advised to inquire about a replacement liner.
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    Re: Moving an AGP

    Unless there is significant rust it is certainly worth keeping the pool. The liner might well need to be replaced, or it might work. Above ground liners usually survive reuse far better than in-ground liners. Even if the liner doesn't work out, the rest of the pool is certainly worth saving.

    1) Large pavers work especially well. Anything flat and solidly made will work.
    2) That should be simple.
    3) An inch of sand, with a little extra to fill in and unevenness will do it. Yes, get it in the right area before the walls go up.
    4) There are certainly a number of expensive parts that can be saved. If you don't mind replacing a part here and there it should be well worth saving the bulk of the pool and repairing what needs repair.
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    Re: Moving an AGP

    Thanks for the input guys! Im sure i will have more questions as the project progresses. I know i will need a new liner, found several online that would work. My goal is to be installing new liner and filling it up by early next spring. She has a hayward 2 spd pump and cartridge filter that she is giving me as well. The filter has a mineral cartridge insert as well. That along with pool perfect products has kept her pool crystal clear for years. Any input on these products from this site? Didnt see them mentioned anywhere ...

    What do you all consider the level of difficulty of a project like this? Im a diyer with pretty good mechanical and construction skills.

    Thanks again for the help!
    20,800gals 18x37, vinyl, 1hp Hayward super pump, sand filter.

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