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Thread: Thanks for the help and water chemistry question

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    Thanks for the help and water chemistry question

    First of all I would like to thank everyone on the site for the help.
    I had two good friends call me in this spring to help with their pools. Seems that when the pools were opened by one of the local pool companies this spring both developed problems within a couple weeks of each other. As I have been able to help the two people with some of their more difficult problems, I told them we can get the pools back up and running.
    When I started working through the problems, I knew the lack of chlorine was causing the issue in both pools. When I went to the local pool company and started asking questions, it was well you need to shock with a bag of this and then add clarifier, then algacide then this and that. It became apparent that they were as lost as I was.
    After some research and finding your site, then reading many posts, topics and such, I had a game plan and became aware that shocking a pool is a process and not just add a little chemical and it is done.
    Unfortunately, my lack of knowledge dragged out the first pool problem for over a week, and although the pool was getting better it seemed as though it would never get back to the way it was. When the second pool developed a problem, I knew right away what the process was and although it took 24 hours of checking and adding chlorine to the pool to get it to stay at shock level, after it stayed at this level, within 24 hours the pool was shining again. Then I got to go back and do the first pool the right way, which again made a difference within 36 hours.
    Thanks to the knowledge and expertise on the site, both pools are doing great. Working on dropping TA in both pools (they were both around 160), now both are below 100 and working to get to 70.

    Now my question on water chemistry.
    Both yards have waterfalls in them that when the weather starts to warm up the algae starts to become a major problem trying to keep them looking nice.
    My question is, can't you treat the waterfalls as basically a water storage (pool) zone? If you could keep the chlorine level at an acceptable rate, it should keep the algae down.
    There is no plants or fish in either waterfall, which is one reason it is tough to keep it clean. Therefore chlorine and even salt is not an issue to either one. They both have 500 gallon storage tanks in the ground from which a pump keeps the water flowing. I have even seen a solar powered SWG online but would this work?
    I know this is different from the usual questions but maybe someone has some thoughts into this.

    Stats on the two pools are almost the same

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    Re: Thanks for the help and water chemistry question

    Welcome to TFP!

    While there are many parallels, the chemistry isn't really the same for a waterfall as it is for a pool. They typically get way more aeration and way less sunlight compared to a pool. Waterfalls often use bio-filters, but you can also use metals or UV, with a waterfall. These are systems that don't work very well (or sometimes at all) with swimming pools.
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