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Thread: Paver BBQ Surround

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    Paver BBQ Surround

    Great Forum!

    Need some inspiration/help from the members, please.

    After entertaining the idea of building the standard tin stud+Hardie+veneer structure, I'm now looking into the stack & glue tumbled paver option. I like the idea that the structure is also the finished veneer, all in one step.

    But I can't find any 'under construction' photos to guide me in my design.

    My inspiration, so far, has come from the Belgard website where there are lots of examples of what can be done. UNFORTUNATELY the people at Belgard refuse to share the 'how to' of using their product!! No DIY photos, no under construction photos, no videos, just final 'beauty' shots.

    Some pre-design concerns:
    - Venting [will be build around a free standing BBQ]
    - Cut outs for electrical receptacles
    - Cut out pass-thru's for electrical & natural gas [both are located behind the BBQ and will need to enter thru the back]
    - Glue product
    - Leveling [being built on an existing concrete patio that slopes from HIGH right to LOW left for normal water shedding]
    - Large openings [i assume some sort of steel support is needed like angle iron]
    - Height limits/concerns when glue stacking block

    The following photos from Belgard are kinda/sorta my jumping off point for inspiration.
    Shows built-in freestanding BBQ

    Shows higher back

    *note, I'm not married to using Belgard products, but they seem to have the most appealing tumbled finish. Other manufacturers block look too much like a retaining wall.

    Please point me to ANY links/ideas/personal experiences/photos/videos you may have
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    Re: Paver BBQ Surround

    I can try to answer some of these as I built a landscape wall with these blocks. What you are looking at are not paver blocks, but roman stone blocks that generally measure 8x4x12 (WxHxL). You basically create structures from stacking these blocks together. The smallest basic unit is a square of 16x16 with 4 blocks. Then you can push it out by adding blocks to your design.

    Read through this brochure. ... ochure.pdf

    Venting: Leave gaps between blocks in your design.
    Cutouts for electrical: Cut the blocks. Score the stone on all 4 sides and use a chisel + hammer to break. Pretty easy.
    Cutouts for pass through: Probably just want to leave it as gaps between blocks.
    Glue: Concrete adhesive. I used Loctite PL Landscape Block Adhesive.
    Leveling: No clue. The foundation course is extremely important, and it's usually half a course or a full course of buried brick that had been leveled. I am not sure how you can do that on a concrete pad.
    Large openings: No clue.
    Height Limit: I think it's 4 ft. You basic standard 36inch conter top + 6 inch backsplash won't be an issue.

    I thought about using blocks for my outdoor kitchen build, but ultimately decided on steel studs + hardie + finish material. There is just a lot more flexibility with the steel studs. And it's cheaper too.
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    Re: Paver BBQ Surround

    Venting: Leave gaps between blocks in your design.
    Cutouts for electrical: you could also use a circular saw with a concrete blade.

    Glue: . When i rebuilt mine i just stacked them, used some glue near the top, use glue sparingly it holds great
    Leveling: You could grind some concrete orshave some of the first pavers, use some mortar on the first course?
    Large openings: On a 20" x18 " for a trap door opening I used angle iron on the top, you will have to "grind it in" so its flush if its thick iron

    Blocks are simple, like playing with legos. Having a concrete saw is helpful if you have to do a lot of cutting. I laid mine out so the block did not have to be cut ( mostly lol) although mines a simple rectangle.
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