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Thread: AGP aqualuminator light

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    AGP aqualuminator light

    I use the pentair aqualuminator light as my return. The water is shooting correctly out of it, but some water is shooting up when I have the directional pointing 45 degrees. How do I stop the water frome escaping. This is inside the pool.

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    Re: AGP aqualuminator light

    Sounds like the eyeball is cracked. Take it out and see if that's the case.
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    Re: AGP aqualuminator light

    My aqualuminator does the same thing. Most flow though does go out correctly where it's aimed. I think there are a couple small holes drilled in the upper side, so I think that's normal. You could try tightening the nut that holds the bulb assy in, but the directional ring will be harder to move that way. I don't worry about mine, as I say, most of the flow does go where I aim it.
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