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Thread: Pool uprights spreading/ bending

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    Pool uprights spreading/ bending

    Help... My pool has been up for a week, everything was perfectly level when we were done. When i drove up the driveway today i noticed some of the uprights are spreading wider in the middle, about half way up. I'm more than a little concerned, what should i do?

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    Re: Pool uprights spreading/ bending

    First, welcome to TFP

    Second - it is hard to say what to do without more information, or perhaps a picture if possible. What type of pool is it -- Intex or a permanent above ground that is not intended to be taken down seasonally?

    What is the size?

    If it looks like it is going to topple, you should drain it asap, especially if it would drain toward a neighbor's (or your)house. Just going blindly here as very hard to envision it without more . . .
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    Re: Pool uprights spreading/ bending

    Welcome to TFP.

    A picture would hlp a lot.
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    Re: Pool uprights spreading/ bending

    Hi, I have an Artesian 18' above ground with metal uprights. When you look at them from the end, they are "u" shaped. Picture the "u" opening up at the top.
    That's what's happening to my pool. When you look at if from the front of the pool, some of the uprights look wider in places, but they are all plumb. I can send a picture later. In the meantime, It doesn't look like it's going to collapse, if it does, it will go downhill away from my house. Have you ever heard of this happening?

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    Re: Pool uprights spreading/ bending


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    Re: Pool uprights spreading/ bending

    the above is a generic picture of a normal upright that is similar to mine without the problem, if that helps.

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    Re: Pool uprights spreading/ bending

    sorry the pic didn't send. how do i attach it?

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    Re: Pool uprights spreading/ bending

    I think you can see the picture of the above mentioned uprights here: ... directlink

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    Re: Pool uprights spreading/ bending

    Oh wow that doesn't look good. Almost looks like there was too much weight put on top of the upright at some point and it started to buckle. I don't think that could be caused from the wall pushing out but anything is possible! how many are doing this??

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