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Thread: Help Please, 32' round above ground 5.5'deep GREEN !!!

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    Help Please, 32' round above ground 5.5'deep GREEN !!!

    OK, here's what has taken places since 4 weeks ago when I removed the cover. When the cover was removed, water was the greenest I had ever seen it in the last 5 years of opening the pool. We had an unusually warm early spring in the North East, the cover developed a few tears over the winter and some leaves nd stuff probably got in. I hooked up the filter, topped off the pool to middle of skimmer basket, ran filter 24 hrs, diluted ten 1lb bags of shock and added it to the water. Water started to turn a bit less green, let run for a week, still green, took a water sample to local pool store, their analysis returned adding 25lbs alkalinity Up, 6 additional lbs shock, 16oz algaecide, run filter continuously without backwash, keep chlorine high ( off the chart ).
    I did all that, water still green ( cannot see bottom )

    I found out that the day I was topping off pool water with hose, my local water company was flushing the lines causing rusty dirty water, I am not sure what to do, can anyone offer a suggestion other than draining and refilling the pool ( thats about $400 of water ) Thanks, mxtermick

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    Re: Help Please, 32' round above ground 5.5'deep GREEN !!!


    Without a full set of test results, it will be hard to help you. And without you doing your own testing with one of the recommended kits, it will be hard for you to maintain your pool.

    Rarely do pools need to actually be drained because they are green.

    But, you have to decide if you are going to listen to the pool store or the advice you get here as the info often conflicts.

    Read Pool School (button at upper right). You need to follow the shock PROCESS and you can clear your pool.
    Here are a few links related to algae and clearing it out:
    Defeating Algae
    Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparkling Oasis
    Shocking Your Pool
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    Re: Help Please, 32' round above ground 5.5'deep GREEN !!!

    Welcome to TFP.

    Follow Jason's advice about clearing your pool. First order of business is to get a good test kit. Once you have that you can successfully clear your pool. I wouldn't worry too much about the dirt/rust you got from the water lines. It should filter out without too much trouble. You may have to vacuum some of it up but you should be vacuuming anyway.

    Tell us more about your pool and equipment. That helps tremendously in figuring out what advice to give.
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    Re: Help Please, 32' round above ground 5.5'deep GREEN !!!

    Listen to these folks - they KNOW what they're talking about! Definately pop for one of the recommended kits and HAVE PATIENCE. The shocking process can seem like it's taking forever.
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