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Thread: Cloudy water... Help!

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    Cloudy water... Help!

    In 2 days we're having a pool party, and then 2 days later a graduation pool party. So, I have a bit of urgency in my questions...

    Our pool is pretty cloudy right now (white). In essence, we cannot see the bottom of the deep end (8'). I took our water into our pool store today and all of the readings came out OK (except chlorine due to shocking it with 3 gal last night - more on that later). PH was 7.2, Alk was 130, Stabil was 90, Hardness was 375.

    A small bit of history... in the past few weeks, we've been trying to bring up the ph, alk etc to what is considered an acceptable range. So, we were successful in doing that by using store bought chemicals from our store. (Note: I pretty much trust these guys as they don't always recommend chemicals. Many times, they tell me to wait it out 2-3 days and it will fix itself - and it does)

    6 days ago, I ran out of new (2012) chlorine tabs and I added some old (2011) chlorine from last year (bought off internet). 2 days ago, I checked the chlorine level (stick) and it showed no chlorine. I followed up at our store and they confirmed this. Also, the pool started to look a little cloudy. 1 day ago I added 3 gal of shock and bought new chlorine tabs. Took out the old chlorine and added the new. And now we have the results above (and this is why the chlorine level was so high - shock).

    I asked my store what to do about the cloudiness. They said:
    1. Wait a few days and it should be OK
    2. If you can't wait, try some Floc (their brand is Clean View Floc), let it work, then vacuum
    3. Add Natural Clarifier in a few days as well

    Any other ideas or thoughts for me? Short term is to clear the pool up within 24-36 hrs... Keeping in mind I'll have one ticked off spouse if our pool is too cloudy for our guests.

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    Re: Cloudy water... Help!

    You need to superoxidize it to kill off the algae that is clouding the pool. You've been feeding it stabilized chlorine via tablets which has driven the stabilizer waaaaaay too high at 90. You need to get the chlorine level to at least 23, and keep it there until it clears. This will require massive amounts of chlorine. Massive. Like 5 gallons of 12.5%, or 10 gallons of 6% Chlorox, just to start.

    I seriously doubt you will have it clear in time. Sorry.

    Time to do some reading in Pool School.
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    Re: Cloudy water... Help!

    The only hope you might have is to do a partial drain and refill to lower CYA---but it still has to go thru the shock process, just at a lesser FC value for it. You don't have enought time for it right now anyway. Forget the flock and clarifier. Pump and filter 24/7. Welcome and good luck!
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    Re: Cloudy water... Help!

    Thanks for the advice. Yesterday afternoon, I checked the water and it did start to clear up a bit. I checked again this AM and it was more clear, and almost to a point where it looks perfect. So, I am happy (and confused) about it clearing up. Maybe that's the one thing I have to remember, there often isn't a single answer to address a chemical or pool problem. I just found this board, so I look forward to reading about pool school, and BBB. Maybe doing those will help with long term ease of caring for our pool.
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