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Thread: trouble shooting heater

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    trouble shooting heater

    I've been trying to trouble-shoot my heater. I was able to conclude the ignition module is not producing a spark. I confirmed the automatic gas valve is working properly, putting 24V to the PV and MV, I can get the gas to turn on. Now I dont know if the pilot is working. Does anyone know how to get at the pilot without pulling out the entire burner assembly. The service union is rather rusted tight, I cant seem to budge it. This is a 400K teledyne laars XE heater. rather old, but I want to get it working rather than spending $2K+ to replace one.

    I can get the ignition module for about $70. The pressure switch is good, limit switches are closed. So only thing is the pilot is not firing. I'm also not sure if the pilot tubing is clear.

    Any help from someone who is an expert in servicing pool heaters?
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    Re: trouble shooting heater

    It should have a bracket attached to it and you remove the screws, if they aren't rusted in place.

    A word of caution: When working with gas and other things you really might want to consider a licensed contractor. Consider the value of your life and others around you. I recently looked at a burned up heater at a customers house and found out he tried to trouble shoot it. He said he's not sure what he did but the unit caught fire. The unit is now toast and is being replaced. I'm only providing you with help but in many cases you need to hire someone. I realize people are all about saving money but lives are priceless!

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