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Thread: Backyard fence for keeping dog in

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    Backyard fence for keeping dog in

    We have a nice wooden fence enclosing our backyard and our pool, but little did we know that our 8 pound dog would eventually wise up and figure out that he can squeeze underneath and/or between the wooden slats, thus rendering our fence useless. So I am looking for ideas/suggestions on what I can do to keep the dog in the backyard. We have a pretty big backyard so ideally I would prefer not to have to redo the entire fence... here are my thoughts for possible options but I'd like your feedback -

    1. Make the dog wear some kind of big collar that prevents him from getting through the fence, like this site offers - I have no idea if they work though.

    2. Invest in an invisible fence to keep the dog enclosed with a shock collar. I have no idea how much this costs and what kind of training is involved...

    3. Go around the entire length of the fence and put some kind of wire or mesh at the bottom to prevent him from getting out. This seems to be the most tedious option and I'm pretty sure it will make the fence look ugly, so I'd rather not do this if at all possible.

    Finally, here's a picture of the little rascal from when he was a 5lb. puppy last year and surfing for the first time.

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    Re: Backyard fence for keeping dog in

    I have an invisible fence and it works great on my dogs.
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    Re: Backyard fence for keeping dog in

    The electric fences work well, if you stay on top of them. I had to install one of these at my last house, and I have a wise dog like you!

    The install is simple with most of them. You run a continuous loop around the perimeter of the yard, and each end of the wire plugs into a terminal, thus creating the current. The manufacturer wants you to put the wire about 12-18 inches in from the fenceline.

    The collar will give the dog an audible beep to let them know that this is where the road ends. The training pretty much revolves around this....making them realize that this is where they should stop....because the shock HURTS.

    My dog would understand completely when the battery in the collar was going dead, because she would be able to jump the barrier and not get shocked.

    I learned it's kind of like a smoke detector battery....replace it every 6 months or so, even though it doesn't need it.

    It was a great solution if you put the training time into it.
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    Re: Backyard fence for keeping dog in

    I had a friend that had a Rottweiler that dug his way out each day when they were at work. He placed a temporary electric fence on the other side (farm fence for cows). When the Rottweiler hit that line, he NEVER again dug any holes out. It would probably shock that little guy to death though.
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    Re: Backyard fence for keeping dog in

    Just borrow a shock collar..let the dog out and go back inside
    And watch out the window, when he starts under the fence,
    Just zap him...i guarantee you, it will fix the problem, and he won't never do it again

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