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Thread: Clearing up water..

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    Clearing up water..

    New here, so bear with me please if I don't get everything right.

    Pool Store test results last night

    FC - 5PPM
    CC - 0ppm
    pH - 6.2
    TA - 80 ppm
    CH - 250 ppm
    CYA - 20ppm (stabilizer/conditioner)

    When we got home from the pool store we vacuumed on waste, backwashed the filter and added 3lbs of Blue Shield Stabilizer/Conditioner & 2lbs pH up.

    From my testing kit about 20 minutes ago.

    FC - Over 3 (my test kit only goes to three)
    CC - untested
    pH - 7.2
    TA - 90 ppm
    CH - untested
    CYA - untested

    I need to get a better test kit. I find it hard to match the colors with such a small range

    The water color is/has been a milky blue for about a week now. It was dark green when we opened it 2 weekends ago.

    Do I just need to filter it longer and continue to backwash as the pressure rises? Do I continue to add chlorine to the pool? We use liquid shock from Namco pool. 12.5% and I keep 2 chlorine tabs in the skimmer.

    Please let me know if I need to put more information.

    Thank you ahead of time for any advice!
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    Re: Clearing up water..

    Welcome to TFP!

    Here are three articles that will help you progress:

    Defeating Algae

    Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparkling Oasis

    Shocking Your Pool

    Read those, and then fire away with questions. Your test kit is a big shortcoming in the process.
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    Re: Clearing up water..

    First, don't put pucks in your skimmer unless you are running your pump 24 hours a day. Also I strongly recommend you not use pucks at all until you know your CYA levels, because they add CYA and your pool can become unmanageable at high CYA levels. The CYA (stabilizer) you added will not show up on your tests for a week, so again I strongly recommend you stop using the trichlor tablets.

    Get a good test kit, it appears you've already figured out that you need to. I recommend this one:

    Closely follow JohnT's advice for Shocking Your Pool.

    Now, realize you don't have to purchase pool store stuff, you can raise pH with Borax, lower it with Muriatic Acid.
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    Re: Clearing up water..

    Well, you got 2 responses while I was typing, but here are my thoughts:


    Godd for you that you have realized a good test kit is a must have tool to maintain your pool. The link in my signature compares the suggested kits, with the TF-100 being a little better deal given the amount of reagents you get.

    While waiting for your test kit, read through Pool School (button at upper right) a few times to start to understand your pool and the chemistry involved. Pay special attention to the Shocking Your Pool process. You would guarantee your water is clear of algae if you follow the process once you kit comes in.

    Also, realize that each tablet you add to you pool is adding CYA (stabilizer). You just added 3 lbs and if you continue to use tablets,
    your CYA may quickly end up too high making the pool difficult to manage.

    For now, continue to filter the water 24/7, and backwash when the pressure goes up 20-25% of the clean pressure. You could also add 1 bottle of 6% bleach every evening while waiting for the kit to just help keep any organics in the pool at bay.

    With a little reading and learning and a good test kit, you will be well on your way to a clear pool all summer.
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