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Thread: New Intex SWG + Sand Filter Combo unit question

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    New Intex SWG + Sand Filter Combo unit question

    Hi, new to the forums here and also to SWG pools. I have an Intex 16x48 Ultra frame pool that was installed last year, and this year I upgraded to the Intex 56681EG 2650GPH Sand Filter/Pump + Salt Water System combo unit. So far I have been pleased for the most part (as opposed to the crappy paper filter pump that came with the pool). I ran the pump in "Filter Pump" mode alone for several weeks while i got my pool cleaned and just last weekend I put the salt in (approximately 140lbs in 5000 gal). I started up the saltwater generator system and have it set to run for 4 hours a day. Now, first off, I know I need to get a good test kit, but for the most part the strips have been fairly accurate for me so far and I have taken samples of water to the local pool supply store and everything has been fine. The pump came with some test strips to check for copper, and some 3 way strips for FC, pH, and alkalinity. I also have some 6-way strips that test Calcium Hardness, pH, TC, FC, alkalinity, and CYA (Stabilizer). Before the salt was put in and the generator was started, I used regular liquid bleach to keep FC in my pool until it was clean. Now that I have started the generator (a little more than a week now), I show no FC on my test strips but show between 0.1 and 0.2 copper (which it says it should be, and i cant remember if that is ppb or ppm). My pool is clear and clean and seems to be getting clearer. According to my strips, everything else checks fine, pH, alkalinity, stabilzier (CYA) etc. I don't want to boost my SWG and make more copper to increase chlorine output and I am wondering if this is normal?
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    Re: New Intex SWG + Sand Filter Combo unit question

    Welcome to TFP!

    We recommend disabling the copper portion of the unit. We never recommend any system which adds copper to the water.

    Could you post a complete set of water test results? There are almost always clues in the specific numbers that will tell us what is going on.
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    Re: New Intex SWG + Sand Filter Combo unit question

    Yeah.. i had read some about that... so what do I do, just unhook the wires going to the copper electrodes? And, i also meant to add that i did not get the print out of my last water test results, so I can't remember numbers right off hand, but I will take another sample tomorrow and post them as soon as i can.
    Intex Ultra Frame AGP 16'x48" 5,061 Gal with SWG 2500 GPH pump Cartridge filter

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