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Thread: Everything is brand new (including me)...

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    Everything is brand new (including me)...

    Our brand new 25,500 gallon in-ground plaster over gunite pool was just completed, and finished filling overnight two days ago. We waited patiently for the PB's startup guy to come out and get us going. We're swimming in it now - since Saturday evening (it's Monday now - so two+ days, basically).

    The startup guy is not very talkative, but I do my best to pull info out of him - it's a struggle. Maybe he's not too thrilled about baby-sitting a new startup over the holiday weekend?

    I follow him around, watch him dip water, add drops of this and that - it all looks familiar, but he has a large blue kit that might be either a Pentair or Taylor kit? I had my TF100 test kit already in my possession, but hidden out of sight. He has not put any pucks in the chlorinator yet, he's mainly been adding Acid and a lot of Calcium. He doesn't tell me the numbers behind any of it, so I just wait until he leaves, and do my own testing.

    Here were my TF100 results after he left on Saturday:
    pH = 8.2
    TC = 0
    CH = 130
    CYA = 0
    TA = 360

    He said it was ok to release the kids - and they've been swimming since, with no ill effects.

    Unless he came early this morning, I haven't seen or heard from him today, so I took another round of tests, with these results:
    pH = 8.2
    TC = 0
    CH = 300
    CYA = 0
    TA = 330

    His main concern (along with the PB) is that we filled with well water that runs through our whole-house water softener. They seem to be concerned about calcium or metals or somesuch?

    My initial readings from the pool calculator don't scare me too much - I have a handle on how to lower that pH of 8.2 and the TA of 330; TC is 0 due to not introducing any kind of chlorine - I can understand that; What I don't get is, I think they over-shot the CH, and the CYA is being ignored for now?

    I may still be too new at all of this (I'm sure of that), but should I be worried about any of those numbers? At some point, he has to start adding chlorine in some form or fashion, correct?
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    Re: Everything is brand new (including me)...

    Lower your pH right away. Do not let the pool get into pH 8.0 or greater. It will tend to because of the new plaster. You may have to lower it three times weekly or more at first but lower it and keep it in the 7's

    Yes, chlorine is urgently needed but you had better not wait for better do it. Your pool requires sanitation....that's chlorine. Get some pucks and (pump running 24/7) put 4 or so in the skimmer....tonight is not too soon. Tomorrow is OK too but your pool will soon turn green if you don't start to chlorinate.

    Your start up guy is not impressive. He should be already doing what we suggest here or at least telling you how to do it.
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    Re: Everything is brand new (including me)...

    Along with what Dave said, I suggest you read the National Plasterers Council startup card. It has lots of good information. You should also ask your builder if they have any special instructions for startup. Linky: ... UpCard.pdf

    Since your pool was filled with well water, I suggest you add a sequesterant just in case there are metals present. btw, did you have the well water tested for metals?
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