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Thread: ooh man it happens again.HELP

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    ooh man it happens again.HELP

    Here are my numbers 0/0 fc; 7.5 ph andts was80-120

    , i need help quickly. Here's my situation. Got pool up and fully filled on Tue. Poll sat stagnant for three filter running. Got hubby to install that on Friday, them I had to leave town. Filter was then turned of by hubby. I arrive home 2 am sat morning to find no chemicals had been added yet and no running filter. I half suspected this would happen so on my way home (took my mother to her lakehouse)She doesn't drive. Stopped at Walmart and got chemicals. I bought super shock and the intx start up box of chemicals. Which should I add first. I already no its got algea. This almost same thing happened 2 years ago. There were those horrible little biting bugs and algea hassle. I never could get rid of. I read the bbb instructions {wrong) I might add and we were leaving for a week I dumped in 2 gallons of bleach.came home to a pool which had split down the seams and flooded. Not good. We are leaving again for several days and so I need help fast. I no I need to by a professional test extra money now plus well be gone anyway.but here are the specs.ibex soft sided 15x42 or 48. Can't remember. What can I do to it to help keep area from getting worse while were gone for the next week. Also the pumps made aren't near big enough. What size should I look into buying. Also which is cheaper.the bbb method or saltwater method. Final what do people do with there pool when there gone for extended periods of time other than keeping it chives which I have to but as new one of those also.any suggestions of them? Thanks to all in advance. Michelle

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    Re: ooh man it happens again.HELP

    other than keeping it chives which I have to but as new one of those also.any suggestions of them?
    I don't know what that means?

    Anyway, the methods we teach here are not fast enough for you. We cannot help clear your pool in the time you want it done. (For that matter, I doubt anyone can).

    read "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" up in Pool School to get a background on pool water management and what will be required of you to learn and understand how to manage your pool. It won't be quick but it will work and you'll be happy with the looks of your pool if not the time it takes to get it there.
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    Re: ooh man it happens again.HELP

    Quotether than keeping it chives which I have to but as new one of those also.any suggestions of them?I don't know what that means?
    Should have said other than keeping it covered, which I have to buy a new cover anyway. Sorry doing all this from phone and it won't let me see what I am typing. Yes I'll reread pool school. I haven't read it on 2 years.

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    Re: ooh man it happens again.HELP

    Since you are leaving in a few hours and have not added any chemicals, I don't know if this will work, but you can try adding some polyquat 60 based algacide and add enough chlorine to reach shock level. Since you have the stock intex pump I old not leave it running unattended while you are gone.
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