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Thread: battling algae question

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    battling algae question

    I read the algae post and the method of getting rid of it with high shock levels. I uncovered my pool on Tuesday and got everything up and running. The pool was green with algae. The week before we pulled the corner back and it was crystal clear, but I suspect a warm spell of 3 days over 80 contributed to that. I tested the water and my alkalinity is at 80, ph was a little low so I brought that up where it's suppose to be (7.4). I added 2 bags of shock, brushed all the sides and ran the filter non stop. Wednesday, I added 3 bags of shock and used a liquid clarifier, ran the pump for 24 hrs and then shut it off with the hopes of everything settling to the bottom. Friday (yesterday), came home from work backwashed the filter and started to vacuum as best as I could cause I can't see the bottom of the deep end. During the process I had to backwash several times. I got it the best I could since I can't see much. I have a feeling tho that I missed alot and every time I check the skimmer basket there is algae in it. I then added another 2 bags of shock and level on the test strip is at 5ppm. I also had some algeacide on hand and I added a qt size bottle of that. I filled the chlorinator and turned that on.

    My plan is to vacuum again and just keep running the filter. I does look a little better this morning - I can see the print on the liner in the shallow end. But the weather is suppose to get hot over the next few days and I'm sure my son will be anxious to get in. Am I at least on the right track? I thought about maybe trying a flock treatment, but at this point I'm afraid I just have to be patient - something I'm not

    Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.

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    Re: battling algae question

    I read the algae post and the method of getting rid of it with high shock levels.
    Good morning, April. The article in Pool School you should be reading is "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry". Then, read "How to Shock Your Pool" up in Pool School.

    You are not shocking your pool and you will be fortunate if your pool clears based on what you are doing. Your work so far sounds like pool store advice......that won't be very compatible with what we teach here which is VERY accurate testing, understanding the test results and, importantly, knowing what to do with the results.

    You can get your pool clear (but probably not this weekend) by reading the articles above, getting an accurate test kit (get rid of those strips), and shocking the pool according to the articles above. We will help you every step of the way if you chose.
    Dave S.
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    Re: battling algae question

    Welcome to TFP!

    On the heels of what duraleigh is saying, until you have a reliable test kit, you are really going to be spinning your wheels. I would estimate that 98% of algae problems that present to us on this forum are the result of inadequate testing capabilities. For one, you need to know your CYA level. Without it, you won't know what your shock level FC is. Also, you need a test that can reliably test for FC levels over 5 ppm. This is because for most instances, your shock level FC is going to be well above that. I would suggest going to and purchasing a TF-100 kit (first choice) or a Taylor K-2006 (second choice).

    Once you get your test kit and it will be sent to you quickly, you can run a panel of tests to include FC, CC, CYA, pH, TA, and CH. Then, post the results for us to see and we will get you going down the right track. Until then, I wouldn't add anymore products to the pool in an attempt to clear the algae. It won't hurt for it to sit a few more days. Get your test kit and then you can hit it. Meanwhile, please read the Pool School articles on defeating algae and pool water chemistry.

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