Just got my new Dirt Devil Rogue late yesterday and the UPS guy wasn't back in his truck before I had the box open and ready to get things going. My pool is 18 x 27 with 3 ft to 8 ft depth and slopes on the bottom of the deep end. The skimmer is halfway down one side and the returns are all on the other side.

There are three steps offset (in the L of the pool) but no other obstacles. Liner is vinyl.

I'm using about 25 - 30 ft of hose with weights at the first, third, and forth connection from the unit. Left the flow regulator at the factory setting.

I turned her loose and noticed some issues, so made some adjustments and let her go again. It ran fine for a while and I had to leave for an appointment. I got back a couple hours later and the unit was in the deep end corner and not moving. I moved it and it took off again. It moved around the pool OK, so I left it going overnight.

This morning I went out and this time it was stuck in a shallow end corner. There are a lot of spots where it has not cleaned, but they are easy to see in contrast to the great job it's doing where it has gone by.

It seems to work fine where it goes, but seems to hang up in a corner or at the steps. It climbs the sides just fine as well.

Any recommendations? I know it's not the unit itself. The only complaint I have so far is the owner's manual is really very vague and general and not a lot of help troubleshooting.

Anyone else use this unit?