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Thread: Intex and summer escapes pools?

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    Intex and summer escapes pools?

    Well I see my local walmart dropped intex and now sells nothing but summer escape pools.

    Last year I remember looking into the summer escapes and the reviews where all bad so that leads me to wonder why they are in stock at my walmart.

    Also anyone know if Summer escapes and intex are the same brand just different names?

    To me the summer escape pools look cheaply made but maybe im wrong.

    I just hope summer escapes does not give intex pools a bad name with poor quality.

    I noticed the 15x4 SE is 279$ at the same walmart I paid 399ish for my 15x4 Intex.
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    Re: Intex and summer escapes pools?

    You might see if you can order an Intex in, maybe they don't stock them but are willing to "ship to store" for you.
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    Re: Intex and summer escapes pools?

    Quote Originally Posted by poolnew-b
    ... the 15x4 SE is 279$ at the same walmart I paid 399ish for my 15x4 Intex.
    I think that may be your answer. That was my first thought.
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    Re: Intex and summer escapes pools?

    The liner on our summer escapes seems thicker than our old reg Intex liner was. Of course it's the pro series summer escapes so I don't know if there is a difference there.

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    Re: Intex and summer escapes pools?

    I have a summer escapes ring pool and think the liner is pretty good. The pump was junk but so is the one that comes with most intex. The plumbing parts for the ring is cheaper made but is not too bad. I take mine down every winter but my neighbor does not. His looks a little bit more sun faded and both of our rings still holds air. I will say trying to order parts suck for the summer escapes. I broke my outlet piece and had to call and was on hold for 45 minutes. No website to order. I am thinking of switching to the intex inlet and outlet or trying to rig a real pool inlet and outlet up.
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