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Thread: A word to the Newcomers

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    A word to the Newcomers

    Hello again TFP-from sunny Southern Ontario. This is the start of year 3 for me of getting advice from you guys and I could not be happier. Opened on Sat to a bit of grunge and cloudiness. Tue evening the pool was clean but still a little cloud. Wed evening-BANG, the pool is sparkling and shimmering like a Hula Dancer. What did I do when I found TFP?? Asked many questions ,got confused, got the recommended test kit from here, asked more questions and then followed all the expert advice presented.This opening was the easiest ever. Chlorine level was low but cool temps and no signs of algae. Dropped 20 l of liq chlorine in and started on opening day filtering/back washing,topping with fresh water and filtering/back washed more. Had a pool shop test my water for salt content and added accordingly. Tested for CYA and topped it up as per Pool Calculator. This AM my pool is SPARKLING. Ran a full set of tests using the TFP Test Kit and came up with these #'s
    Just added 1.5 boxes of Borax to raise the PH.Added more salt today and plan on turning on the SWG tomorrow. SOOooo my fellow pool owners do not despair at what seems like a losing battle in getting your water clear. Back washing and filtering will clear your pool if you are following the instructions presented here for treating your own particular situation. It will come IF you read, study, listen and follow through with the suggestions that come your way from this FANTASTIC SITE.

    Cheers eh


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    Re: A word to the Newcomers

    Welcome back, Gerry

    Congrats on your TFP pool
    TFP Moderator TF100 Test Kit TF100 TestKit YouTube Channel PoolMath
    You're done SLAMing when:
    1)You lose 1ppm or less FC overnight, & 2)You have .5ppm CC's or less, & 3)your water is clear.

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    Re: A word to the Newcomers

    Thank you Butterfly. Some of the newbies may think at first glance, that it's too much money to spend on a TFP100 and prefer to try and get perfect results by buying a cheap kit or depending on the pool shop "pros". I guarantee you it won't happen- and here you can see why.

    After patting myself on the back and with my test kit #'s in mind I decided to take a sample to a pool shop that I had to drive by , and get my water tested "professionally". This was after I did my own testing with my TFP100 kit and posting the results above. Here's what the pool shop results showed.
    FC-0--need to shock?? $$$
    PH-6 to 7 ?? RAISE it by adding PH UP??? $$$
    TA-100. Need to RAISE it to 120-150 ?? $$$
    CYA-50 ?? Need to raise it to 80 ??
    Salt- 2600

    Needless to say I didn't spend the $100+ for their products but instead BOUGHT A COLD SIX PACK AND CAME HOME TO ENJOY THE VIEW OF MY TFP with about $85 left over. Not to shabby.


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