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Thread: Dumbest question of all time

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    Dumbest question of all time

    I'll delete this once its answered and i realize i'm a dummy. the end of my brush broke off when scrubbing the pool a week or so ago. I'm in shock mode right now, so i havent gone in the water. Leaves and other debris will consume the chlorine's efforts. Will the end of my brush eat up any of the chlorine too?

    side note, the shocking to a clear pool is taking a tad longer than it did the last few years.. so i just want to make sure i have mmy bases covered.

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    Re: Dumbest question of all time

    Not a dummy question at all.

    I've always looked at it as "everything" consumes chlorine. Sunlight, wind (debris), even putting your "dirty" hand in to capture test sample will eat the smallest amount of chlorine. This may not be worth worrying about because the amount would be miniscule, as far as the brush goes. I doubt you'd see any noticeable difference while testing.
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    Re: Dumbest question of all time

    I would think the difference between the brush and those other things is that the brush itself, being inorganic, wouldn't "eat" any chlorine.

    It might very well have some organics ON it for a while, that would "eat" chlorine until they were killed...but after that, the brush should be inert just as any other inorganic object (steps, liner, etc) in the pool is.

    Unless, of course, you made your own brush out of pork ribs and horse hair?
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    Re: Dumbest question of all time

    No such thing as a dumb question! I've asked a few myself.

    That being said, I'm not sure I understand your question. Chlorine is consumed by two things: sunlight/UV radiation and organics. If your brush had junk on it, then the junk would use chlorine. However, the plastic of the brush itself won't use chlorine.

    EDIT: Gordon beat me to it.
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    Re: Dumbest question of all time

    The only dumb question, is the unasked question. And take heart, it will help someone who wants to know the same thing, in the future.

    But back to the broken brush, stuff like that just gets my goat and only happens when I need it most! Hang in there.
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