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Thread: Help treating my pool!

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    Help treating my pool!

    Hello all, I'm newish to having a pool. I had this one last summer and didn't have any problems but now I have one and the pool store here is useless. Me being lazy i never put up my pool over the winter so it had standing water in it about 3-4 in all thru the winter (yea i know bad move) and about a month ago I decided to clean it up and try to get it ready for this summer. I sprayed down the entire inside with a all purpose cleaner made for pools to get off stains etc. and i scrubbed it all really well. after filling it i shocked it and added a chlorine tablet and let my filter run all day. When i got up the next day my pump wasn't pumping anymore it sounded like it was full of air. I checked the filter and it was 50% filled at the bottom completely of this yellow spongey material. When i looked at the top of the water it was completely full of this little itty bitty white floaty stuff that wasn't even 1/4 inch long in most cases. but it only floated on the top of the pool. so i rinsed off my filter and ran it some more. the next day there was less of a floatie problem but the filter was full again. so i took a water sample down to the pool store and they ran it. My water was a little hard and needed chlorine and a ph minus. The lady there thought it could just be because my water was hard. So i came home and treated it with everything they wanted me too and now the floaties have went away a lot but they are still there and my filter can run for a week now and only be 1/10th full now. My question is if anyone knows what it could be and what i can do to take care of it. I asked today at the store and the lady thought it could be white water pool mold but from looking at pics online i can't be sure. any help will be very helpful!! I can't submit pics of my filter cause i thru it out today before i got online
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    Re: Help treating my pool!


    First what you did was not "shocking" the pool. Here shock is a verb and not a noun. You have to raise the FC level to the shock level for your CYA level and then hold it there until your pass the 3 tests to stop shocking. Read Shocking Your Pool and then continue to read Pool School (button at upper right of the page) if anything I said does not make sense to you.

    BTW, a good test kit (recommended ones in my signature) will be required to successfully maintain your pool and avoid the pool store "advice"
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    Re: Help treating my pool!

    It's not hopeless.
    Spend some time in Pool School.
    Spend some money on a test kit - it will pay for itself, no doubt about it.

    And here's a couple threads I bookmarked for such occasions as this, when someone needs some inspiration

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