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Thread: Automatic AG vacuum

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    Automatic AG vacuum

    Can anyone recommend a decent automatic vacuum . I don't want to spend a lot of money, but want something to pick up the dirt so I don't have to vacuum as often

    Thank you

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    Re: Automatic AG vacuum

    There are tons of them. Whether you want a suction side, pressure side or a robot. They all have their goods & bad. The "jerkys" as I call them are suction side cleaners and will be the least expensive. They work pretty well.
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    Re: Automatic AG vacuum

    I have seen the Dirt Devil D2500 Pool Cleaner and Island Palm Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Poolsfor about 90.00. I had a similar "jerky" but it loses suction. It came with the pool and no instructions so I was never sure if I was using it properly. It had no brand name on it.

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    Re: Automatic AG vacuum

    I had a Dirt Devil, would not buy another one myself. I bought a Pool Rover after all the recomendations here. Got it off ebay for $220.00.
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    Re: Automatic AG vacuum

    I have used the aqua-critter by hayward for 3 years now. I love it. Works great. Two important factors, store hose in sections. If you store it put together, it will tend to stay coiled and affects operation. Second, a sand filter to keep the very fine silt from returning to pool. I let it run for a couple of hours every weekend and it is virtually sparkling clean when done. Cost me $90 back then. I think they are $149 now.

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    Re: Automatic AG vacuum

    Just bought a pool rover hybrid this spring, and tried it for the first time last Friday. It did an awesome job!
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    Re: Automatic AG vacuum

    I just got a pool rover jr (thank you flyweed) and it works well for us. It picks up an amazing amount of stuff but it does seem to stir up a lot too (I think that was flyweed's issue) so there is still stuff in the bottom a few hours later. We have a lot of silt so I don't think anything is great for that. Guess it depends on the kind of dirt you need to pick up.
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    Re: Automatic AG vacuum

    We live on the south side of a dirt road and our pool is 25-30 ft from the road so we know dirt. We have a Hayward Aqua bug named Rosie.

    I was ready to toss her based on last year's horrible performance (20 minutes and she'd stop) but this year thanks to this site she is running like a champ! Shoot last night she was trucking around the pool for 4 hours - I forgot about her! I run her every other day or every third day depending on how the pool looks. You CANNOT have an air leak - if when your vacume is running the basket section of the pump gets an air bubble you need to find it and eliminate it.

    Things we fixed -
    -bought 5 more sections of hose (now she reaches the WHOLE pool)
    -bought a leaf cansiter
    -discovered the source of last years air leak and fixed it (in basket section of the pump)

    Since now 90% of the junk is in the canister I have been in the pump basket maybe twice instead of every time she vacumes. Best $125 I ever spent
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