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Thread: vimyl liner wrinkles

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    vimyl liner wrinkles

    Ok its 245 am and I should be sleeping but cant because of this darn pool.

    Our pool was installed in 2004..on opening in 2005 there were a few wrinkles in the liner. WE never owned a pool before this so we are learning as we go. I called a local pool company, they were super nice and explained what they would do to fix the problem and that it is something my husband and I should be able to do ourselves.

    He said just drain the pool down till there is about 2 inches of water in shallow end and with our hands pull up on liner and then push outward till the wrinkles are gone and liner back in place.
    So we did and it worked like a charm.

    so each year after we would get a couple wrinkles and do the same thing on opening. It has been a real pain empty pool then spend hours getting wrinkles out. Our fingers ,hands and feet would be sore for days. Then last year it happened but with a couple more wrinkles. My husband said they are no big deal just leave them for now. so we did although I did not like it.

    I was doing research on another topic of the pool and found what we did could have made our pool collapse and possibly ruin the liner etc. I guess we were very lucky.!!!

    So again this year there are wrinkles but now they are all over the low end and as i was looking around them I found the liner seams on the sides of the pools are not in the creases where they should be.One side off by 2 inches, other side by 5 inches Also the liner had come out of the track in some spots.

    Again I called a pool guy but a different one and he said to do exactly as i had done before but I must keep at least a foot of water in low end. I did this , i got liner back on track but the wrinkles not budging.

    The pool guy said main fix was liner on track and wrinkles are no big deal they may come out a little when fill the pool back up and even thru out the summer when the water and liner heat up and pushing of the swimmers feet. He said I only have a couple years left on my liner anyway cause its 8 years old, do not bother with wrinkles, and they may be permanent!

    I do not like these wrinkles at all, there are so many it feels uncomfortable under feet. I didnt know liners only last 10 years I thought if you take care of them they could last a bit longer then that?

    I read on line about people using a shop vac behind the liner to remove wrinkles or filling up water behind the back board of the pool to get the liner to bubble so u can manipulate it. The pool guy said I will probably rip my liner if I do that.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also is there a fix so we dont have this happen every year?
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    Re: vimyl liner wrinkles

    Wow, I can't believe what your water bill must be with all the draining and refilling.

    I don't think doing it by hand is going to pull the liner tight enough, unless your in there doing it until the pool is filled.

    I know when my pool was installed our builders used 2 fans similar to these, that sucked air from behind the liner. There were 2 hoses dropped behind the liner (one per fan unit) and they ran them until the pool was almost filled.
    They had taped plastic over the steps opening and any other opening so it would create a vacuum.

    I've seen people do the vacuum method, but i've also seems shop vacs melt down, since they are not made to handle that type of abuse.

    Found a couple sites with some pictures.
    Fan type

    Done right, you shouldn't have any issues anymore.

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    Re: vinyl liner wrinkles

    If it wrinkled after the first year the liner was probably a little too big for the hole. You also may be getting some water behind the liner over winter.
    Do you know if your water table rises in the winter?
    How much do you lower the water level when closing?
    How full is it when you open?
    What's your location?

    It's easier to use a rubber plunger (plumbers friend) to manipulate the liner than to use your hands or feet.

    If you haven't and don't chemically abuse your liner it'll probably last longer than 10 years.
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    Re: vimyl liner wrinkles

    Thank you for your input. It is greatly appreciated.
    Yes my water bill has been pretty high each year around this time.
    I decided I was not not going to try to use a shop vac for the reason you have said.
    I am in new york about 70 miles north of NYC
    I empty the pool just below the skimmer and jets, its about the same when I open it back up.
    I have spoke with yet another pool repair/install guy. He thinks there maybe a problem with water level and frost line around the pool making everything shift. So he has been the only one that has offered to just come out and take a look at it to make sure he knows what I am I talking about and see if there is a solution to the matter. He will be here weds.evening. I hope he has good news when he sees this.
    22k gal, IG Grecian 4ft to 8ft.
    Hayward cartridge filter system w/nature 2
    2004 built vermiculite structure with vinyl liner

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