Hi All, Newbie here, seeking information and possible help and advice for a problem I'm trying to deal with here. I appreciate any feedback anyone can offer!

I have a Fiberstars FS4 illuminator that needs serious help, when I opened it, I found that not only had BOTH cooling fans had totally melted into plastic blobs, but there was a lot of dust and dirt inside the illuminator box. I have 3 basic questions.

1. Is there any accurate or detailed wiring schematic diagrams available online? I had to basically take the whole thing apart, and clean it and remove the melted fans, so I want to reconnect everything to test the step down transformer and overloads etc.

2. Looking at the replacement costs of the bulb, transformer and other electrical parts, is it really worth repairing this?

3. How viable is replacing the Halide Illuminator using the current fiber optic cable with a LED illuminator? Would a LED model be bright enough? This is for a Spa, single lense using about a 20 ft bundle? And is there a formula or rule of thumb how powerful the LED illuminator should be?