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Thread: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

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    Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    Hi everyone,

    I have an older Hayward sand filter that I picked up used to run on my intex agp. I got it all plumbed up and running for yesterday and noticed that i had a bit of a leak out of the backwash port while it was filtering. After a little research, I figured it was the spider gasket, so i promptly pulled the top of the multi port off and sure enough, the old gasket was really beat up. I just finished putting the new one in, replaced all the bolts and now when i set it to filter and turn the pump on, the filter makes a howling noise and the selector handle depresses itself and water POURS out of the backwash port. I've taken the top off the multi-port and checked the spider gasket and it seems to be seating ok and i really cant see what would be causing this.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this???

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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    It sounds like the spring that is supposed to push the valve wheel up, and thus also push up the handle, is either installed incorrectly or has broken.
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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    I'm assuming that a broken spring would be obvious when i have the multi-port top off....When assembled, the unit functions normally (handle has resistance) the filter seems to work fine in all other functions i.e. backwash, recirc. etc...As far as not being assembled properly, I didn't take the top of the multi port where the handle is apart. I just removed the 6 screws and lifted the entire assembly off to reveal the spider gasket.

    Any more ideas?

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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    Just a thought but did you remember to open a possibly existing valve on the return line that you may have shut off to carry out your repairs?
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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    the first time i put it all back together i did forget to do just that. However i have taken the multi port apart 3 times now just to make sure that the spider gasket is seating ok and on those occasions i have cleared all return lines....

    To further my previous post, I have taken the top off yet again and The spring does not look broken to me at all im wondering if it has lost the required stiffness over time and with the spider gasket sealing properly, the spring cant handle the pressure??? i dont know im kinda lost but on the same hand i dont want to go throwing parts that arent needed at this thing.....i have the handle in front of me, is there anything i can do to check the spring? Do these loose stiffness over time? is this common?

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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    ok so im hoping someone can chime in here cause I'm really lost.....I took the spring out of the vari-flo valve thinking it was the problem. When i got to the pool store to buy a replacement the guy working behind the counter thought the spring looked ok and asked if i had glued my spider gasket which i had not. He convinced me that not using contact cement was my problem so off i went to buy some contact cement. I got home and applied the cement to both the gasket and the housing, waited for it to cure as per the instructions and inserted the gasket into the housing. I put the vari-flo top back on screwed it down primed the system and fired it up...again the selector handle seemed to depress itself and water POURED out the backwash to waste port.

    The only thing I have noticed that doesn't seem right is that as I bolt the top of the vari-flo valve down it seems to compress the spring creating play in the handle. By the time I get the entire unit tight, the handle almost has enough play to move from one setting to another without me having to depress it. One other thing to note, when I select "recirc", the system works fine. I did notice that while recirculating, it was running at 15lbs pressure which i thought seemed high? I could be wrong here.

    Hopefully someone has an i said, I just bought the pump and filter used and the people I bought it from just bought the house and took the pool out selling off all the goodies and had no info on them.

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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    Changing a spider gasket
    Don't know if this will help or not, but I bookmarked it when it was posted because it seemed like a very helpful thread.
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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    It sounds like the multiport might be plumbed incorrectly.
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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesW
    It sounds like the multiport might be plumbed incorrectly.

    I double checked the hookups and they are all fine. It would be hard to screw this up since they are labeled right on the multiport. But I did check it again and everything is as it should be.

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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    Just throwing this out there. When you put the top back on are you sure the orientation was correct? Some are very subtle as to the correct alignment which could make the handle settings wrong and maybe resulting in the apparent interference.

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    Re: Problems after spider gasket replacement....

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesW
    It sounds like the multiport might be plumbed incorrectly.

    well you guessed it!!! after taking the night off to calm my jangled nerves. I went out this morning and spoted it right away. I had the return going to the pump port and he pump to the return......guess its true what they say,if your car wont start, your probably out of gas!!!!! thanks to everyone for thier input.

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