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Thread: Foam Cove Question

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    Foam Cove Question

    Thinking about using foam cove on my next pool install. Have a 15 year pool that I'm getting ready to take down and replace with a Sharkline Matrix 24.

    My question on the foam pool cove is in regards to where the sections butt together. When the liner is finally installed and the pool is filled, does the liner tend to sink down into the area of where the cove is butted together?

    Thanks for any info,

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    Re: Foam Cove Question

    We have foam cove on our pool and notice no crevices or lines where the cove pieces meet. I admit I've never swam down looking for them, but in sparkling pool water they have never caught my eye nor have I noticed any with my feet when walking up along the edge of the pool.
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    Re: Foam Cove Question

    Our 24' Sharkline Matrix is filling even as I type! I used the Gladon coving, just the peel and stick. The leg bases do jet out into the pool area and get in the way of the coving laying flush. I made a small cutout on the underside of the coving in those areas, but it still didn't lay completely flat against the wall. But it all stayed in place during liner installation and at 28" deep thus far this morning, it all looks great.

    I will make a point to report back to you whether there are any signs of "seams" in the coving in a few days, but I think it's working out great!

    Forgot to add what a GREAT product the Matrix has been to install. I am very impressed with it's quality and ease of installation!
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    Re: Foam Cove Question

    I found this thread while searching for my problem...I have the seams. Some are small, but one is a very big dip. About 4 inches wide. We just paid a lot of money to have our liner replaced because of termites and ants destroying the cove. We had our pest control people spray the area, then put down a happy pad, some other sort of barrier that I can't remember the name of, hard plastic cove pieces, and a very thick unibead liner. We also had a trench in the bottom of the pool, so they smoothed that out, too. Cost us over $2000. We put down the hard cove instead of the foam cove to help make it harder for the ants/termites to chew through it. A month and a half later we have another trench, as well as the cove separating. There also seems to be a rock or something hard sticking up in one spot. this cove issue a big problem? Should we drain the pool and have the installer fix it? I am leaning toward draining and having him redo it because of the number of issues. I just don't know if they can wait until the end of October when we aren't swimming anymore or if they need to be fixed right away. It was an expensive liner and I don't want the pool cove gaps to ruin the liner. Any suggestions?
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    Re: Foam Cove Question

    When we replaced our liner the last time a couple of years ago we put in the wall foam, Gorilla Pad and foam cove. All money well spent I would say, having had our last couple pools without all of those and only the traditional sand bottom/cove. We actually sprayed adhesive on the ends of the coving that butted together. We had no gaps before or after the water was added and not even now a few years later.
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