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Thread: Pump motor replacement question

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    Pump motor replacement question

    My pump motor is in the process of dying, quickly. I thought my neighbors were doing some serious construction but unfortunately The noise was my pump. The pool guy was out recently and said the bearings are going out, but now it looks like I need a new motor.

    I have a northstar 2 hp Sp4015X20ns. Does it have to be replaced with a 2 hp? Can I go up or down in hp? I saw a listing for a 3hp on Craigslist but wasn't sure if I could use it. The pool repair people are telling me it will be a week before they have a new motor, it's 90+ degrees, any ideas how I can keep my pool from becoming a swamp between now and next Friday?

    It will run, I turned it off for today and thought I might run it for an hour or so each day, but judging from the sound it was making I don't think it has more than a couple of hours of life left......

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Re: Pump motor replacement question

    Yes, the HP can change (higher)..just make sure you get a motor what will attach correctly. You will also want to buy a new 'go-kit' so that you can replace the seals when replacing the motor. I would not rule out craigslist completely, but be wary and ask lots of questions. I would hate to see you buy a 'new' motor on CL and have problems with it too...

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    Re: Pump motor replacement question

    You can only use a motor that is as large or larger SFHP than the original motor (unless you also replace the impeller). Note that SFHP is related to HP, but not the same. SFHP is HP times SF.
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    Re: Pump motor replacement question

    I am a tad bit Leary of buying it from Craigslist, just worried about the time issue. I think I will hold out and let the pool repair company do it thiugh they eont be able to get to it until late next week.n why does this always happen on friday afternoon? Thanks for your input.
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    Re: Pump motor replacement question

    I bought a "new" motor off ebay a couple of years ago, the seller said it was from a pool store that had closed up, when it arrived it was very obviously used, filter strainer was full of dead bugs and some sort of acorn like nuts, also the motor did not run and the capacitor had exploded. It was a most bizare experience, the seller claimed I was trying to cheat him out of a good pump, I even sent him photos showing the pump he sent side by side with my dead one. Finally he gave me a refund after I returned the pump to him, because in his words even though I am cheating him paypal would side with me and give me and issue a refund. I honestly think he thought I was cheating him on the deal, and it was probably a used pump that got mixed in with the new stock from the closed down store. So in other words watch out on these sorts of deals.
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