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Thread: How to add salt?

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    How to add salt?

    My friend just bought a home with a super SWG. He is curious how to monitor and maintain the right PPM of salt and CL. He thinks you just add salt on the bottom of the pool and let the pool sweep pick it up and add CL weekly?

    Is there a right or wrong way to balance chemicals with these types of pools?
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    Re: How to add salt?

    I am a bit of a pool rookie, but I have tried to learn quickly.
    Here are a few tips.

    Turn your pump on the highest speed.
    When adding salt, I get the bag up on the edge of the pool over an inlet in the shallow end.
    I cut the bag at the base and let the whole bag pour into the water jet of the inlet spreading it out some.
    Then take your pole and pool brush and sweep the salt back and forth until completely dissapated.
    Repeat until you have put in, and fully dispersed, about 2/3 to 3/4 of the reccomended salt in lbs.
    Wait at least 24 hrs. and take a salt reading.
    Consult the chart and add more as needed creeping up on your desired ppm.
    I fully dispersed 3-4 bags at a time when adding my first load of salt (600 lbs.)
    Some SWGs have a "salinity test" which seems to be accurate when tested against the salt strips I bought from TFTestkits.

    Check this pool school article out for specific chem balance for SWG pools.
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    Re: How to add salt?

    Hi, welcome to TFP! To add salt you broadcast it into the pool then brush the pool to help it dissolve. It will dissolve fairly quickly but you don't want it to just sit on the bottom of the pool until it does. Check your CYA level and adjust it to 70 ppm if needed. Use liquid chlorine to bring the FC up to the recommended level for your pool and turn on the SWG. Check the FC every day and add a little more liquid chlorine until the SWG is able to sustain the recommended level on its own. Test the FC every day and adjust the output on the SWG until you are able to maintain consistent FC levels. All other chemicals are balanced the same as a manually chlorinated pool.
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    Re: How to add salt?

    Great answer zea3, thanks for the detail. I had a question on how to start up with SWG (not how to add the salt, but if I should add chlorine and such before getting the SWG going) and now I don't have to ask a specific question.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: How to add salt?

    Is your SWG removable? Mine is plumbed in so that I can (with the pump off of course) remove the SWG and put in a 'dummy cell' which is just a piece of pipe that you screw in where your dummy cell usually resides. I do this at the end of the season.
    This way you can get all the junk out of your pool and shock it, etc. without subjecting your SWG to all the filth that will run through your system as you open your pool.
    Then when your water is clear, get your CL down to about 3 or so and you can put your SWG back in. Also, when adding chems., I leave the SWG off for at least 2 hours after adding any chems.
    My two cents but so far so good, thankfully!
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    Re: How to add salt?

    Thanks a lot for the great responses. We are trying to get his pool in shape for his sons college grad party next weekend. I will print this info out and give it to him.

    Thanks again and Thanks for the welcoming to this great forum.

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    Re: How to add salt?

    Might wanna print this Water Balance for SWGs from Pool School for him, too:

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    Re: How to add salt?

    Thank you for the link above. Much appreciated.
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