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Thread: FC & CC-Trying my best but still don't get it.

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    FC & CC-Trying my best but still don't get it.

    I have read all the Pool School articles and tried my best to understand how to test for FC only, but I am having difficulty.

    I use my TF100 kit with the blue box inside. It has the 2 chambers for Ch and ph. I follow the directions and get an Orange color in my Ch.
    -Is this measuring FC or CC?

    I have turned my pump back to 9 hrs/day (days ago) and my SWG back to 20% (last night)

    I did the "drop test" yesterday I think correctly and the FC number I came up with was like 14.
    -I understand that I will need to test again tonight to see any results from the SWG drop to 20% but I am not sure if I am testing the right thing.
    My CYA is 75 on the money for an SWG.
    ph is 7.4
    TA is 90

    Thanks for any help.
    #2 Am I reading this right and just need to keep dialing in or am I a tool and cannot read the test correctly.
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    Re: FC & CC-Trying my best but still don't get it.

    The blue box in the TF-100 is good for testing for the presence of chlorine, and pH levels. Can't be used for testing CC.

    Stay with the FAS/DPD drop test. Fill cylinder to 10mL mark, add DPD powder, and mix. Start counting drops and swirling until it turns clear. Multiply drop count by .5 to get your FC. Add 5 drops of the R-0003. If it turns pink, start adding R-0871 again, drop by drop, counting how many drops it takes for it to turn clear again. Multiply that number by .5 to get your CC.
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    Re: FC & CC-Trying my best but still don't get it.

    The OTO chlorine test, the one that shares a view tube assembly with the PH test, measures TC. TC is FC + CC. The OTO test is most useful for quickly checking if the TC level is near zero or somewhere higher. In most cases, a reading near zero means trouble and something higher can be assumed to be alright. Still, when you really want to know the actual level, you should use the FAS-DPD test (drop counting test).
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