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Thread: pool store funnies

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    pool store funnies

    So I have been going crazy for the last 10 days trying to get my pool cleared up - super cloudy, milky colored water. I have been keeping the CYA low for now on purpose because there hasn't been much sun anyway and wanted to require less bleach for now. I have bought and put into my pool 16 gallons of 12.5%, so I can't imagine how much I would have gone through with the CYA higher!

    Anyway, I took a sample to the pool store this morning to see what they said and the owner told me my stabilizer is low and asked whether I use tablets for chlorination and I told him I use liquid chlorine. He said "well, you can't get stabilized without using powder or tabs" and I told him I am adding CYA in a sock and he said "CYA doesn't work on liquid chlorine." Now, I believe from being on this site that this is total bunk, but wondered if anyone else has heard this. It seems like they will say about anything! He also said that sodium will build up in the pool from liquid chlorine and be corrosive, but not so with the powdered stuff. ????
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    Re: pool store funnies

    Well, they were half right ... liquid chlroine will add salt (although so will cal-hypo and di/tri-chlor) although generally in levels lower than required for a SWG. So by that logic, SWG salt levels must be HORRIBLE for a pool.

    And they either do not know what they are talking about or trying to sell you something with the "CYA doesn't work on liquid chlorine" nonsense.

    But, hey ... look at it this way ... you found this forum and now appear to be smarter than your pool store employees
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    Re: pool store funnies

    "total bunk" just about covers it.

    Salt builds up, to a point, from any kind of chlorine (and several other pool chemicals as well). In practice the salt level never gets all that high (it stays below 2000 normally) and doesn't build up to even close to the level where it could cause damage.

    CYA and chlorine are exactly the same no matter where you get them. CYA from trichlor or CYA from stabilizer are the same. Likewise chlorine from trichlor and chlorine from liquid bleach are the same. Adding them separately gives you much more control over the levels, so is better in most cases.
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    Re: pool store funnies

    Here's one for ya...
    Told by the "expert lady" that I put calcium in my pool or my vinyl liner will wrinkle... Hmmmmm....wonder if I don't put calcium in my mother-in-laws wrinkle will go away!!!!
    Just sayin............
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    Re: pool store funnies

    I once had them test the water when we were using baquacil.

    They messed up and used a chlorine test instead (pool never had chlorine in it for over 10 years). Turned out it had a FC level of 7 and a CYA level of 20.

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