I finally bit the bullet and had solar panels installed last week. My 10 year old Starite 1.67 HP pump was starting to give up the ghost (it would not start some times) so I went ahead and had a variable speed pump installed with the solar panels.

I wanted my older Jandy RS6 pool controls to still work so the Solar Pool company installed a Intellicom 2 to interface with my existing controls with the new variable speed pump. I talked to the tech at length trying my best to understand how the Intellicom works. Basically the Intellicom can take in 4 different signals from the low volt relays or from a valve relay and then it sends a signal to the variable speed pump telling it what speed to run at.

So this is how they set the 4 different speeds of my pump.

1. filter pump only- motor runs at 1800 rpm.
2. Cleaner (booster pump) on and filter pump- motor runs at 2000
3. Solar on- motor runs at 3000 rpm
4. Spa on- motor runs at 2500 rpm

System has been on for a week and all seems well. Playing with various controls (haven't change any timers) I noticed the following:
1. Turning on just the filter pump (from remote panel), SWG does not come on with motor running at 1800 rpm. Maybe not enough flow?
2. If I turn off the cleaner during the day while it is on the timer, then turn the cleaner back on, cleaner will not come on. Delay light blinks like it is going to come on, but then the led goes solid but cleaner does not start. Weird. Letting the auto timers run during the day, cleaner comes on for 3 hours just as programmed. And the SWG runs all day too.

Currently the solar is set to come on from 9 am to 6 pm, cleaner (polaris 280) runs from 10 am to 1 pm, and the SWG comes on from 9 am to 6 pm. I do not have a separate timer for the SWG, I think it is just wired to the pump relay. Before the new install, the SWG would run whenever the pump was on. Now when in manual control on remote panel, it does not always seem to come on. Not sure if the tech rewired when the SWG should run (I do not think he did) or maybe just not seeing enough flow to come on a slower speeds.

Very happy so far, except a little concerned about my SWG during manual control, which I do not really need, but it would be nice.