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Thread: First pool, should I shock?

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    First pool, should I shock?

    18'48 round intex pool was green added 16oz shock pool is now cloudy. I have not added anything but the shock. When is it safe to swim? Do I have to add chlorine?tested water after adding shock reads pH 7.2- 7.5 Cl 5 10 what should be done next?
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    Re: First pool, should I shock?

    Welcome to TFP.

    You should read pool school about shocking your pool. Shocking isn't adding something to your pool once, it's a process of keeping the FC at shock level until you pass the OCLT.

    Even once you're done shocking you'll have to add chlorine every day.
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    Re: First pool, should I shock?

    Bama must have moved you out of illegalalien's thread just as I was posting a response there. Debbie, here is the response to you I posted in that thread.

    Debbie - welcome to TFP. You should start your own thread because it will be hard for anyone reading advice about what to add, etc in this thread to keep straight what is being said to the alien and you. That said, you need to read Pool School. It is a blue button in the top left of your home page. Pool school has a wealth of info that is overwhelming at first. Read it again. It will start to make sense . . . also read the entry in Pool School about how to shock a pool. Around here that is a verb (not a noun referring to a product on a shelf that might contain the letter s.h.o.c.k.). You have not successfully shocked your pool, and your water is not safe to swim in, until all 3 of these are true:

    1. Your water is clear
    2. You lose no free chlorine on an overnight loss test
    3. You have less than .5 CC

    Without a proper test kit, you cannot test well for parts 2 and 3 above. But based on what you are telling me, Debbie, your water is not safe. If you can dedicate the funds to it, I think you'd come out ahead in the long run to buy a test kit from TF Test Kits (see duraleigh's signature block). With it and 10 minutes per day (after the required reading of Pool School til it sinks in), you'll be able to enjoy your Intex all day every day. Without it, you will always be guessing --

    For further help to try to get you swimming in the meantime (til you get a good test kit), start a new thread and tell us:
    1. where you live (climate can be important)
    2. What your fill water was (tap, well . . .)
    3. When you filled and what you have added since you filled
    4. Any test results known (CYA, FC, CC, pH) and how you tested to get those results (pool store; strips; drop kit from walmart; tf test kit . . .)
    5. What your equipment is (sand filter; cartridge filter/pump that came with the pool . . .)
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