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Thread: Intex Threaded Strainer Connectors

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    Intex Threaded Strainer Connectors

    My pool is a 2009 Intex 18’x48” metal frame that came with the old through-the-wall threaded connector without the grated strainer. Last summer I bought an Intex sand filter/pump combo and it came with the new threaded strainer connectors with the grate pictured below.

    This year when I hooked the equipment back up I used the new grated connector. I now regret that and want to switch back to the old plain threaded connector. When I vacuum I attach the hose straight to the connector instead of going through the skimmer. Last year the larger organics (mostly small twigs and nuts from a nearby tree) I vacuumed would pass through the connector and be caught in the basket on the pump which could be easily emptied. Now the grated strainer connector catches them. The problem is that it is very difficult to clean the connector without them falling back into the pool. I have a larger size aquarium net that I use when I clean it, but a lot of it just ends up back on the pool floor.

    1. Is there any reason I shouldn’t go back to the old connectors? I could just cut off the grate, but I’m scared to saw right next to my pool wall, too risky for me.
    2. Do the grates on the new threaded strainer connectors restrict flow in any significant way? It seems like my flow is not as strong as last year, but it may be my imagination.
    3. What is the best way to minimize water loss while I switch them out?

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    18'x48" Intex metal frame pool, 1600 Intex sand filer/pump combo, Intex SWCG.

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    Re: Intex Threaded Strainer Connectors

    I took a hole saw and cut the crating out of the middle (did it before I filled the pool up). I do the same thing and vac straight to the wall and not through the skimmer. I also went ahead and cut the return crating out as well. Not sure if it had helped the flow or not. Not sure how to switch them out without loosing alot of water. You should have the other blue strainer duct taped and already on the other connector. Maybe duct tape the holes on the blue strainer that you screw over the connetion (do that to two blue strainers, one for the connector thats already in the pool wall and another for the one you are going to install) , then you can disconnect the plunger, and with help of another person do a quick pull out and a quick stick in of the other connector. Kind of hard to explain the pictures in my head.

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