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Thread: Sanity Check before spending the mola

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    Sanity Check before spending the mola

    My single speed pool pump has finally given up the ghost. When I replaced it 4 years ago, there was no requirement for 2 speed/variable speed pumps in Florida.

    I have a few issues with my pool plumbing, there are some minor leaks, and the pipes over the years have been patched/replaced. Additionally I have a 6 panel solar water heater for the pool ( 12 years old with electric controls and diverter) that work fine. The pool is uses a salt generator for chlorine (replace 2 years ago) and when built, it was done with the PCC2000 in pool pop-ups for cleaning. Oh the pool is 11K and the filter is DE.

    My question is this. I am going to have to replace the pool pump, and the most of the pool service companies recommend that I redo the pipes (due to the various little leaks). They are also recommending switching to cartridge filter from DE to simplify maintenance of the pool (I do all my own vacuuming and such). I will keep the current solar panels and equipment as that seems to be working fine. What is the general view on this level of work?

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    Re: Sanity Check before spending the mola

    Welcome to TFP!
    I don't see any problem with just replacing the pump. If your filter works fine, and the little leaks can be fixed as they appear, I wouldn't bother replacing them. It sounds like the service companies are looking to drum up some extra work.
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    Re: Sanity Check before spending the mola

    I myself don't find a de filter that much work. Sure, if you get a green pool it can be a pain, but day to day it's not much work. There's a couple hundred I'd pass on if it were me. As for the pipes, which ones are leaking?? A photo would help as well. If its all above ground it shouldn't be hard to do yourself.

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    Re: Sanity Check before spending the mola

    I'm with MITS and Leebo, If you're not having serious problems with that DE filter I'd just keep it and fix the leaks and just replace the pump. There's no use spending money you don't have to.
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    Re: Sanity Check before spending the mola

    The decision will probably be case specific -- if your plumbing is just becoming unreliable/trouble prone, than replacing the entirety of the problematic areas may make sense. How much concrete/redoing of deck is needed would be a major factor. Also, if the plumbing going from/to pool is thin (<1.5"), there is more of an argument for upgrading to get energy efficiency of 2" or 3" pipes which the newer pumps can help take advantage of. Otherwise, good plumbing should last a long time and there isn't much of a reason to mess with it. This assumes your running your pump long enough and have a high enough electric bill to care about reducing the energy cost.

    I wouldn't switch to cartridge just to simplify maintenance, the new pentair quad de filters - especially if you get an oversized unit - need minimal maintenance and are relatively easy to clean. I don't agree with that recommendation at all. If you want simple filter, get sand and add de as needed to it. If you want great filter, get newer DE. Both should be simple enough to maintain. I don't really see any compelling argument for cartridge.
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