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Thread: Question About An Algaecide

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    Question About An Algaecide

    I have a 10,000-12,000 gallon pool. I noticed a slight algae problem and used an algaecide today. I added 16 oz of AquaChem algaecide approximately one hour ago. The ingredients are as follows:

    Ingredients: Allkyl (c-67% C, 25% C, 7% C, 1%).
    dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 50.0%.
    Other ingredients 50.0%.
    Total 100.0%.

    Now I'm wishing I would have just done a superchlorination. But it's too late now. My question is how long will it take that bad smell to go away from the algaecide? Also, prior to the algaecide the water was clear. I would say I had 100% visibility. One hour since algaecide application I have approximately 90% visibility. I'm a little worried after reading an old post about someone commenting that their pool became completely cloudy the next day. Is this something I should worry about?

    Any help would be appreciated. I've only been a pool owner for about a year and this is the first time I've ever use an algaecide.

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    Re: Question About An Algaecide

    Hello and welcome to TFP!

    Yes, water will sometimes get cloudy after adding algecide..but it will clear back up. In the future, shocking your pool should be your preferred method to combat an algae bloom. If you maintain proper FC (free chlorine) levels for your pool, you should not get algae in the first place. Pool School has a great explanation of how to properly shock your pool.

    Do you have a test kit to monitor your water chemistry? We highly recommend you get you own good test kit, rather than relying on a pool store for results. My favorite kit is TF-100 from

    Lastly, adding information about your pool and equipment to your signature box will help us make proper recommendations for you.

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    Re: Question About An Algaecide

    It can take anywhere from two days to a week for the smell to go away.
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    Re: Question About An Algaecide

    Hey Blake. Thanks for the response. Yes, I've been reading up here on the pool shocking procedures. I have a great pool shock I use from time to time and don't know why I threw in the algaecide today instead of the shock treatment. But, next time I will know.

    I have a test kit that has worked out pretty well for me. But it doesn't give me the exact readings I get from the pool store. Overall I've had great success with my pool. I think I just tried to get a little too fancy today when I noticed the algae. Glad to hear that the water will clear up. I will just give it time and try not to worry about it.

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    Re: Question About An Algaecide

    Jason, thanks for your response. That's not too bad. I probably won't be swimming in the pool for that period of time anyway since the chlorine levels are pretty high now. I just got a little worried I might be stuck with that nasty smell for a long time. So thanks everyone for your quick responses. At least I can sleep better tonight and not fear I ruined my pool. Happy swimming all

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    Re: Question About An Algaecide

    It's quite likely that you would have lost some clarity if you had superchlorinated the pool. That algaecide has been around a long time and although it isn't really powerful enough to stop an algae attack it may help prevent one if your chlorine level falls so the moral of the story is don't let your chlorine level fall.

    Post a set of water figures then we can see where you are at.

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