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Thread: Clarifier.. a wonderul product to use if......

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    Clarifier.. a wonderul product to use if......

    Yes folks, I have found a wonderful use and need for clarifier! Here is my experience....
    After following TFP directions and getting my pool sparkling clear and quickly and very inexpensively opened for the year, I just HAD to get those final, very few particles out of my pool--quickly. Sooooo, I had one last dose left over from when I was doing things my way that I had convinced myself the clarifier would clear and complete my pool for the season. I dumped the last, single dose (4 oz as directed) into my skimmer and was excited to see what would happen.
    Well with great excitement, I went out to check the pool, and found that my cartridge filter pressure had gone from a steady 7-8 psi to an amazing 17 psi overnight! Surely I had found the magic finish to make my pool perfect!!.. Well maybe....about 6 particles were now out of the pool (a very scientific eye I have). Geez......
    What I had managed to do is gum up a very good filter that was doing exactly what it was intended...still clearing as it should, but I just wouldn't or couldn't just let it be....
    So, now off to the local WallyWorld to pick up a spray bottle of cartridge filter cleaner. Spray, soak, rinse, repeat. did exactly what it was to do is clean a filter. Fact is, it did such a great job of cleaning the filter, it will now NOT catch all the particles that is was doing before!! Now as an added benefit, I get to ask many of my new friends here if they have a spare lung lobe that they can donate to me to replace the lower right lobe that I coughed up while using the vile spray to clean the filter.....they say my tissue type test should be complete in several days so I can schedule the surgery.......
    Now I have a wonderul extra spring clean-up filter to add to the one I ruined last year....always good to have spares, and get to purchase yet another filter.
    So folks, my experience is that clarifier does help to stimulate the economy! That little dose of 4 oz has helped me pump over $110 more into the local economy! I have also donated 2 hours of my time that I will never get back to add to my experience bank and tell others of my genius move! Can't wait to clean the TigerShark filters after I run it and pick up the "goo" that is now in place on my previous very clean pool bottom.
    So in closing, I can sum up my experience as follows:
    Clarifer---net cost, over $125..
    Experience---will never forget or use again
    TFP suggestions and directions.......PRICELESS!!
    Thanks all....I hope you get a good chuckle out of this....I'm sure I will as soon as my head stops hurting from beating it against the wall from being an idiot. Like the man said, "You can't fix stupid".......
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    Re: Clarifier.. a wonderul product to use if......

    That is so sad, but very funny none the less!
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    Re: Clarifier.. a wonderul product to use if......

    You've got quite the sense of humor. Sometimes we just have to learn things the hard way.
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    Re: Clarifier.. a wonderul product to use if......

    Humerous post, but actually, the clarifier did what it was supposed to do. It bound up particles in your pool water that were now filtered out. Then you had to clean your cart. Clarifier can work pretty well, and is a pretty decent product if you know when to use it. I've used it on occasion to fairly good results to get rid of pollen and other little iddy bitty stuff my slightly undersized sand filter wont catch. Thats the nice thing about a sand filter. Back washing is basically free if it rains a little and replaces some pool water.
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