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Thread: Phospates over 5000

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    Phospates over 5000

    Hi All,

    I developed Mustard Algae in my pool. I was surpised because the Chlorine levels had remained consistently within the correct range.

    I brought a sample to a pool store, they gave me some phos free to dump in the skimmer which I did and I also brushed all of the algae away. A few days later Algae is back and pool store says I am still over 5000, but they can't really tell how much over.

    They are telling me it could be casue bu the fact that when the pool was new I used Jack's Metal Control per the installer to prevent stains and it turns to pure phosphate when you stop using it. We do get some leaaaves and what not in the pool but it doesn't seem to be enough for this.

    Any ideas what the cause might be before I buy a large $45.00 bottle of Phos Free??

    Winter Park FL
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    Re: Phospates over 5000

    Oh, sorry I didn't add my facts:

    Central Florida, 20,000 gallon in-ground pool, size 60 DE filter and Diamond Brite surface.
    Winter Park FL
    10,000 gallons, 1.5hp pump, DE Filter, Marbletite Surface

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    Re: Phospates over 5000

    Where can I even begin. The pool store is wrong on a number of points, not every point but enough of them to make that really bad advice. First, and most importantly, you didn't get algae because of having phosphates in the water and you don't need to remove the phosphates to get rid of the algae.

    If your phosphate level really is anywhere near 5,000 you certainly don't want to try and remove the phosphate as that will be a long and expensive process that will tend to leave the water cloudy for weeks. For that matter, there is no real reason to lower phosphates (aside from subsidizing the pool store). My phosphate level has been in the multiple thousands for years and I haven't had any problems. Besides all that, using Jack's products could not have possibly be enough to raise your phosphate level that much. They do raise the phosphate level a little, but it would take a couple of truck loads of Jack's products to get you into the 5000 range.

    We have an article in Pool School on getting rid of mustard algae. It involves a little work, but it works (regardless of your phosphate level).
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    Re: Phospates over 5000

    I was using phosfree products one year, they kinda worked. But I agree with Jason algae won't form if you keep your chlorine high enough. I wouldn't really bother with phosphates unless you are bored and want something to do. While on the topic of phosphates there was a pool that was off the charts and the normal phosfree stuff wouldn't work. They sell a product called phos floc that is used prior to the phos free. It reduces the amount to a manageable level so the phosfree can remove the rest. After you put it in the pool and let it sit, it looks like someone put a fluffly cloud on the bottom of the pool. The phosfree products work you just really don't need them. Save your money and buy bleach
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    Re: Phospates over 5000

    I was surpised because the Chlorine levels had remained consistently within the correct range.
    Correct range by someone's chart but obviously not enough chlorine. Algae will not grow in the presence of adequate chlorine. Not to throw too much into the information your digesting but if your CYA is very high, you need MUCH more chlorine to prevent algae than if your CYA was normal around 30-50ppm.
    Dave S.
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