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Thread: New Bid SE Texas

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    New Bid SE Texas

    We have narrowed the PB down to two people. The equipment seems to be the deciding factor.

    One is $36k and is using seperate pumps for the pool and spa, and a booster for the cleaner. His price includes a 400k heater and a manual timer.

    The other builder is $1k cheaper, and wants to use a single VS pump for everything and a Easytouch timer with 300k heater.

    Both have agreed to let me buy my own pressure pool cleaner and SWG, that haven't been purchased yet. Any advice?
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    Re: New Bid SE Texas

    A VS pump is fine for pool and spa, but won't work with all pressure side cleaners. In particular, pressure side cleaners designed to work with booster pumps will not work with a VS pump (without adding a booster pump as well). There are several cleaners which will work fine with a VS pump. Just be aware of which you are getting.

    With both a pool and spa it is really nice to have an automation system (like the EasyTouch). The VS pump will also save you money on electricity. On the other hand, the larger heater will heat the spa more quickly.
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    Re: New Bid SE Texas

    Sounds like I should go with the PB offering the VS pump and Easytouch timer. Would a polaris 360 be your choice to use with a VS pump, and which SWG should I purchase with it? I have considered the Compupool and the Pentair IC40 (just because it matches the system).

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    Re: New Bid SE Texas

    Im no expert, but I had a Polaris 360 and I hated it. I would consider asking them to install a suction line with a threaded end for a suction cleaner like the TPC 2x or 4x. Now if you have a lot of trees it might not work as well for you, but if you dont have a leaf problem it is excellent....especially on dirt/dust/sand type debris. Overall I think it is a much better product than the 360.

    You could also run a robot, which was my original plan but I decided to save a little money and try the TPC 2x and I am really glad I did. Plus either of those options wont need a booster pump which will save a little more on electricty too, and perhaps also save on booster pump repairs or replacement down the road.

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    Re: New Bid SE Texas

    The Pool Cleaner has a pressure-side cleaner as well, that doesn't require a booster. Most people with the Polaris 360 don't have many problems.

    Your pool is small enough that a suction-side cleaner, like Matt suggested, would probably be fine.
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    Re: New Bid SE Texas

    Well my 360 worked fine at first, in fact I owned it for about 3+ years before I sold the house...but only after about the first 6 months the hoses started leaking. Replacement hoses were no better and arent cheap. It seemed like I was repairing a section of hose all the time...Then the wheels, they dont just wear down, they start disintegrating into a sticky white mess. Next thing I noticed was the drive mechanism, I had to have it repaired twice...A wheel would get stuck unless you pulled the cleaner up and rotated a wheel it backward until it "caught' again then it would spin the wheels. Next thing is the metal filter screen. It is in the adjustment valve that you plug into the pressure port in the pool. That little screen will get clogged VERY easily and slow the polaris down dramatically. You will probably be cleaning this weekly, and its not hard to clean, just a pain I'm glad I dont have to deal with anymore. Lastly, into the 3rd year the plastic body became very brittle and cracked in several places in the back, even though I had never dropped it. I found the pieces broken off inside the body. This has been my experience with this cleaner, so there is just no way I can recommend it.

    When it worked, it worked okay...the problem is there are so many things after a while that make it not work. Also it would occasionally get stuck, even though it pulls itself away, it would drive right back to the same spot and get stuck again against the corner of the stairs. Not to mention if you have sand or fine debris in your pool, you will need to either manually vac or find a special bag for it.

    I just much prefer my suction TPC, the way it spins around it never gets stuck for me. I havent read the best reviews on the pressure version, but at least the suction versions seem to be the cream of the crop with many happy customers and they dont break the bank!

    Good luck!

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    Re: New Bid SE Texas

    What all can run off of that one vs pump? I will have the pool jets, 3 sheer waterfalls, spa, and cleaner. The pb seemed to think I should get a booster and a legend along with the vs pump and easytouch.

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    Re: New Bid SE Texas

    The PB wants a $2000 deposit to get on the list to start. The pay schedule is 40% dig, 40% gunite, 15% plaster, 5% startup. The company has been here for 20+ years, but is this deposit normal?

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